Monday, February 13, 2012

When Polka Meets Fuschia

Such! Cotton Cloth Pashmina, N.y.l.a jumpsuit, EOS bag, Girl on the go chunky heels

Hello again. Gonna telling something about simple joy from my life. I'm so thankful running business from home. Do freelance. Be an amateur graphic designer. Helping mom and bf. Oh so lovely. When another friends already waste their own money in this very early month. Wishing their pay-day come up fast. On the other hand, Me collecting it without any cost. I eat for free and no need to spend transportation cost. Fyi, I do saving now like I never did before. Yes, that was true! I can't do saving when I worked. Bloody embarrassing. Hehe, but now. Having lots time with parents, family, friends. Oh this feeling, cannot be replaced by anything. I produce not that much, but all I'm gonna say is Alhamdulillah. Nothing beats grateful feeling. Never stop believing. Thank God. Many many thanks to You, I love You  Allah :)

Btw, Take a look my face. Kantong mata, jerawat. Uh so bad! Since I do begadang. Do designing. Yeah. kantong mata dan kulit semakin nggak bagus. Harus hidup lebih sehat lagi :(

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