Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Steal The Look: Breastfeeding Slash Nursing Outfit To Wedding Party

Scarf: Tenabang
Outer: RA by Restu Anggraini
Dress: Breastfeeding Dress by Nyonya Nursingwear
Wedges: Payless
Bag: Mango

Arkana muka bantal baru bangun bobok ._.

I know fellow mommy, I know that you, me, we are sooooo hard slash rempong to find what suit us best when we want to attend a wedding party with our little baby. Breastfeeding can be so much easier nowadays. What you need is just breastfeeding friendly long dress or inner dress wear blazer or formal outerwear like batik or songket fabric and you are done. Make it as simple as you can because sometimes you need to carry your baby, right?

For hijab style also no need to make yourself hard, mom. Stay away from pin or jarum pentul, you may pin it up your head but please make sure it safe and far from your baby's...

Last but not least, make it  comfy :)

That's it for today. Thanks for reading.. ^^


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hijab Outfit: That Comfy Pants

Scarf: Simplygeeky
Outer: Magnolia
Pants: Unbranded
Belt: Cotton On
Bag: Zara
Heels: VNC

Back at the time when I pretty much care about what I wear on my body I am sure I always put oh so many sprinkles like necklace, ring and bracelet. I love the shine of goldie jewelery yea I am that creep when most of people I know loving a silver one but me, I love gold :P
But now, I cannot rock the sprinkles anymore because I have a 6months baby
which sometimes I have to carry him all day long hehehehe...

Last thursday, I had a fun time with best friends of mine. Never get bored, laugh out loud... If I have to conclude to some words Barney... oh mature me.. "Life is better with friends like you"

That's it for today, thank you for reading :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hijab Outfit: Favorite Formal Blazer

Somehow I look nice when it comes to candid photo haha NOT

Scarf: Paris Hijab
Belt: Cotton On
Dress: Gaudi
Blazer: H&M
Bag: Bagquire
Heels: Payless

Everyone near me absolutely know that I am the one who never grow up from playing dress up. I mean, I love mix and matching what I wear. I love pairing my new clothes with the older one. I can mix it even hundred times without any worries I would look the same with the outfit I wore yesterday. hehehe. I don't wanna wear the same composition I made two days ago or going to package without any accents or something. I am that much aware with what I wear. I don't dress up for anybody but me. Sometimes hubby even careless with my appearance... When I'm bored I look at my wardrobe and thinking of some composition for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow's outfit and back fresh like I had some hair treatment at salon. Or when I feel like about to sick I just need to go to the mall and looking around, sniffing a good scent, take a deep breath like I am on the the top of fresh mountain, so now you know my fave place like I am crazy girl, I kinda have an overly attached relationship with mall...

But, when those of remedy were not helping anymore. That obviously pretty heavy situation. I think I need a holiday. Out of town, out of country! Like now, I never been this situation before. I feel like between tired like literally tired both body and soul, exhausted, I kinda less care with my relationship with my Creator and so on. So I need a literally BREAK!

That's pretty weird I know .... :(

So rather than dramatize what I feel know, let me show you my current interest to makeup stuff. I love it so much. No I didn't do it like everyday. I wore the mask once a week maybe two times in several occasions. I usually put a minimal make up for my daily life, I mean when I have to go to mall, doctor, this and that. I have no office to visit, but sometimes, in a full week I have so many schedules hehe no kidding.

Maybe some of you want to know my makeup routine either full make up or just simple and natural makeup or even just what I did on my eyebrow without plucked in it, just comment down bellow.. maybe I kinda have some feelings to make it on a video.. he he he

well, that's it for today.. Thank's for reading my dear friends..

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Being a Full Time Mother

I love my family so much even I can not describe how much I love em. Here I am trying to mention some. My kid, he is a very smart baby which I never ever imagine before. I teach him how to eat by himself, I don't expect that much but he show me like incredible progress. You can visit his Instagram @arkanazayyan to prove my words.

My husband, he kinda serious man but in front of me, he is annoying yet awkward like literally a crazy man you guys never thought before. He has an evil smirk but actually kind hearted. He said no to even his family but me? He always find so many ways to accomplished my wishes, which sometimes even I can not believe he is that kind like generous guy I ever met in life. Sometimes I thought the price I mention was like nonsense but he pay the bills! And so on..

That were only a little, I can write all night long just to describe how they are mean to me... no, I need more time..

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hijab Outfit: Casual Black and White

 Scarf: Simplygeeky
Shirt: Connection (matahari)
Pants: Cool Teen (matahari)
Shoes: Marie Claire
Bag: VNC

FYI, I am in the middle of battle with my acne scars. There, and now I am not wearing anything as a base makeup beside a moisturizer and sunblock for a daily basis. Why? because I don't need to hide any drama what so ever. I don't care anymore, all I need is a fresh clean face and base makeup make it slower. So the eye brow, eyeliner, lipstick and lil bit tint on my cheeks will be a point now!
I am gonna post my journey with that annoying thingy latter ya...


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hijab Outfit: Casual in Printed Pants

Scarf: Simplygeeky
Outerwear: Magnolia
Pants: Pinkemma
Shoes: Marie Claire
Bag: VNC

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hijab Outfit: A Bit Color on Casual Look

 Scarf: Simplygeeky
Outerwear: Magnolia
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Vincci
Pants: Unbranded

Do you spot my oh so shiny cheeks? I am wearing tinted lip balm on my face ha ha ha ha.

I am becoming more casual and package nowadays, because as you know.. I have a 6 months old baby, I have to taking care of him so this style oh so suit me very perfectly.. So far away from syar'i I know... :(

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Product Review: The Body Shop Moisture White Sisho BB Cream & Moisture Foundation

Hi assalamualaikum..

I am back with another makeup review and this time I want to share my experience with The Body shop moisture white shiso bb cream and liquid moisture foundation..
Let's breakdown one by one..

1. The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB cream

The product itself claimed has an instant whitening effect. And it was true since the name is moisture white. It has 25 PA+++ and settle for all skin type, they said.
The packaging is tube so we can get the product easily...

So there you go..

I personally think that I don't like it hehe. It is too white on my face made my face dry all the day, creasing, made me look like wearing a mask and looking unhealthy. I very much don't like it (in my humble opinion) from the good side that, it was easy to blend, really has an instant whitening effects but actually i dont need it hehehe i dont need to be whiter though... I bought it past few months when I am pregnant. At that time my face was totally in a very bad condition. Bought that product because I need to cover the acnes, dark spot and so on. Because of the body shop claimed the product contains of natural ingredients so i had a try. Back when I pregnant my face was oily and this bb cream works for my skin but now my face turn to normal and sometimes dry. So this product totally a big no for me. But if you are oily and you are super fair this bb cream maybe suit you nicely...

I usually mixed it up with my moisturizer so it won't be a thick coverage and looking white anymore. Sometimes I still wearing this mask._. sayang aja kalau dibuang :p

Price: Rp 245.000
Rate: * (from 5 stars)
Repurchase: NO

2. The Body Shop Moisture Foundation

For the sake of having a safe foundation for my pregnancy I am bought this stuff...
I personally love this product. It has a 15 SPF and it is good for photoshoot or walking in a daily light, it will protect you from sunlight. This foundation formula even lighter than the bb cream I mention before. Easy to blend and not smudging or creasing. The staying power also good. The coverage is light to medium, the texture also very liquidy which I like it. But if you are about tp cover some acnes or dark spot, please do not put so much hope on this product. he he he

The only one thing I don't like is this foundie have a matte finish. I don't know either my face too dry or the foundie is matte. But as the claims, this foundie is moisturizing so it should not be matte, right?
I don't know. 

Last, if you are looking for a light foundation and love the TBS product you probably will like it....

Price: Rp 269.000
Rate: ***(from 5 stars)
Repurchase: No, I wanna try another product from other brand

I hope this review will help you.. :)


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Product Review: The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth (DOY)

Hello Assalamualaikum, it's been a month I didn't catch you.. I don't know it is like I really do not have time to blog right now. It is not like I am really busy or something but as a full time mom 24 hours such a very short time for me. hehehe.. Okay moving on to the review...

The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth (DOY)

what is that hell again? well that is a pre serum. I never had an experience with serum moreover pre serum. But, back at the pregnancy hormone that brought me a horrible face condition I am becoming more aware with my face... every human on earth knows that body shop has a natural ingredients and I am such a nature sucker at the moment ha ha ha. Falling in love with this babe at the first time the BA glides it on my face before she puts  bb cream on face. The face was instantly smooth and soft. Thats what I feel.

The DOY claims : youth-enhancing concentrate for smoother-looking skin. Enriched with criste-marine plant stem cells.

Now, the second bottle is about to run and I don't really have something different on my face, it's just feeling soft and smooth when I applied on especially when I want to put a base makeup like foundation or bb cream.

The texture itself is liquid almost like water, a bit sticky but after you put on your face, it absorbs very fast like one two three.. magical..

Some people said that this DOY works for them, such as works for discoloration skin and so on. But for me, I don't have something different hehehe. My skin not even brighter nor dull. Even I don't have an issue to talk he he he...

I personally won't repurchase this item, 2 bottle are more than enough to try, rite?

Price: 30ml IDR 459.000 // 50ml IDR 569.000
Repurchase: Maybe not

Hope this mini review will help you :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hijab Outfit: That Peachy Black Combo

didi please... ._.

Scatf: Kaffah
Skirt: Magnolia
Bag: Charles & Keith
Shoes: Marie Claire
Shirt: Unbranded

Thank God I can rock the skinny skirt again. Like I cannot believe it was happened for real. After weighing 64kilos due to pregnancy. Alhamdulillah

Friday, November 7, 2014

Product Review: Benefit They're Real Mascara

Hi this time I want to reviewing Benefit They're Real Mascara. Let's check this one out...

There you go....

Been loving Benefit product since last year.Then, when I went traveling to Singapore I saw and have tried some products I knew from the social media. At that moment, we Indonesian people still cannot access Benefit because here in Indonesia we have nothing Sephora or Benefit store itself. Until this year both of Benefit and Sephora spreading they're wing and finally open they're branch in Jakarta. HELL YEAH!!! I am talking like I bought everything from that store hehehe not everything though... Okay, back to the topic.

I swear that every woman loves Benefit packaging, they are all so eye catching and sooooooo tempting even though they are all pricey hehehe but worth every penny!

From sooooo many many products I got a crush on this babe, which is They're Real Mascara because oh so many good reviews I have read about her. They said that this mascara is separating the lashes very perfectly,the brush also easy to use, open up and curl the lashes awesomely and easy to remove! So Magical

They're Real claim that she has a Real lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and separates. Our JET BLACK, long wearing formula won't smudge and dry out. The Brush a specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!

You wanna know my version?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Earth Tone

Scarf & Skirt: Simplygeeky
Top: RA by Restu Anggraini
Bag: Guess
Shoes: Marie Claire

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Best Friend Finally Tied The Knot

Holla Assalamualaikum...

Nov, 2 2014 finally my best friend swore to Allah to keep her loyalty to someone she love the most. Alhamdulillah she was married to someone finally... Nothing I want to say but Congratulations for you my sister from other mother and father :) I have known her ever since Elementary School so you know that she was one of my best babe :)


Friday, October 31, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Floral Garden

Scarf & Skirt: Simplygeeky
Blazer: Bershka
Belt: Cotton On
Bag: Bagquire
Unseen Heels: Payless


Met Senior High School Friends :D

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Product Review: Lip Essentials (Lime Crime, Mac, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream)

Halo Assalamualaikum... Kali ini aku lagi suka banget lipstick hehehe dari dulu sih. Aku mau nge-review sedikit tentang lip product yang lagi aku pake nih. Aku dari dulu obsessed banget sama red lips atau something yang deep kaya cewek-cewek rusia atau gangster2 gituuuu hahahaha. Ini semua nggak aku kasih swatches nya but aku make sure ini semua shade nya dark atau deep. Aku mulai dari sebelah kiri ya..

1. Mac Matte Lipstick shade Russian Red
Shade ini sudaaaah lamaaaaa sekali masuk dalam wishlist aku, cuma baru sekarang nih ada kesempatan beli. Fyi, ini lipstick mac pertama aku lho hehehe. Seneng jadinya kesampean. Hmmmm hampir semua lipstick aku matte karena oh karena bibir aku kan rada besar ya jadi kalo pake yang glossy aduh ngeri tumpah bibirnya :P dan si mac ini juga oke banget nggak bikin kering dan lumayan stay di bibir lama. Hmmm si russian red ini masih transform kalo kita kecup di back hand. But I absolutely love this one muaaaahhh
Price: 260.000

2. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream shade Prague
Tanpa swatch lagi tapi aku sudah yakin seribu yakin warna nya fuchsia. Dan karena hubungan aku sudah overly attached banget sama SMLC dari nyx aku nggak perlu ragu kalo beli warna lain karena udah pasti sukaaaaa. Oh iya si SMLC ini ada 24 warna, aku punya 7 dan aku pengen banget punya semua well nggak semua banget sih karena ada beberapa warna yang nggak aku suka ehehehehe tapi ini lip product recommended banget deh. Udah pun harganya nggak nguras kantong tapi kece pol. Oh iya nyx SMLC ini versi murahnya Lime Crime Velvetines, Occ Lip Tar hmmmm apalagi ya pokoknya long lasting wear creamy lipstick tapi matte finish. Kece yah!
Price: 100.000

3. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream shade Monte Carlo
Shade ini aku juga suka banget, si monte carlo ini versi murahnya mac russian red kalo di bibir aku. Ini kali ke2 aku beli. kaya semacam restocking gituuuu hehehe. udah pake ini dari aku hamil 4 bulan dan ada 1 lagi shade yang juga selalu aku restock yaitu shade stockholm dan aku udah pake ini dari sebelum aku nikah hahahaha udah 1 tahun lebih dan aku suka bangettt nget nget tapi nggak tau deh bakalan beralih atau nggak kalau sudah habis botol ke 2 ini...
Price: 100.000

4. Lime Crime Velvetines shade Wicked
Wah wah wah this shade is absolutely the one i have been looking for!!! Definitely must have to all deep red lover! warna nya bagus banget bahkan kalau kita belom mandi aja pake lippen ini nggak keliatan, malah nge-boost look kita jadi kaya abis dari salon kecantikan gitu halah lebay. Aku udah tau lama sih, cuma belum ada kesempatan beli dan kebetulan temenku bilang kalo ini bagus banget both kualitas dan shade nya. Si lime crime velvetines ini ada beberapa varian warna yang bagus bagus banget. Tuh kan aku jadi kepengen lagi :( hehhe pokoknya ini nggak bikin kering dan loooooong laaaastingg banget tapi nggak membahayakan karenaaaaa ini cruelty free vegan lipstick :D Must have item! aku lagi craving shade suedeberry sama pink velvet :( Since harganya quite pricey jadi aja aku cuma memandang-mandangi dari layar handphone..... belinya kapan-kapan ajaaa aku udah kebanyakan jajan makeup :"""""D
Price: 300.000

Done yeayyy!!! mudah-mudahan bermanfaat untuk kamu semua yah :D

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Product Review: LA Girl Pro & Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

Halo Assalamualaikum... Kali ini aku mau kasih review sedikit concealer yangs sedang aku pakai :D
Di mulai dari sebelah kiri ya..

1. La Girl Pro Conceal
Awal mula aku tau La Pro Girl ini karena aku follow akun makeup di instagram dan katanya sih ini dupe nya mac conceal denga harga yang minimum. Aku akhirnya kepincut karena emang lagi butuh concealer dan ini harus banget dicoba. pckaging nya oke kok, tube dan diujung nya ada brush untuk pengaplikasiannya. Aku beli shade classic ivory yaitu warna yang paling terang dan setelah aku coba ternyata masih kurang terang untuk muka aku yang pale banget.... jadi shade nya kalo diswatch itu agak pink sementara aku butuh nya fair untuk under eye. Jadi pencarianku belum berakhir deh hehehe tapi ini quite good since its only cost 70.000 so give it a try makeup junkie :D

2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Conceal
Kalo si healthy mix ini aku taunya dari beauty youtuber yang merekomendasikan foundie untuk kulit normal to dry skin. Tapiiii waktu aku mau beli foundie nya ternyata aku nggak ngerasa enak ngeblend di muka aku. Niat banget dari rumah nggak pake bedak apapun cuma untuk foundie shopping ehehehe. Tapi next lah aku cobain lagi di counter yang berbeda mungkin aja testernya udah kelamaan jadi nggak blendable tuh si foundie. Naaaaaah karena aku penasaran makanya aku mau cobain dulu concealer nya which is aku punya shade 53 atau yang paling gelap karenaaaa dark spot aku di jidat parah banget jadi aku tutupin dulu pake yang warna gelap baru aku timpa foundation biar nggak cakey. Pun untuk undereye aku memperlakukan hal yang sama hehehe ilmu darimana juga aku nggak tau cuma feeling ajasih ngerasa better kalo nggak langsung pake warna terang... texture nya lembut, packaging nya tube jadi gamoang tinggal pencet dan ga bakal menyisakan produknya, jadi bisa kita oakai sampai habis, wanginya enak dan coverage nya oke. Lumayan lah untuk harga 110.000 saja :D

Okay sekian review dari aku, semoga bermanfaat :D

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Product Review: L'oreal Foundation For Normal to Dry Skin

Kali ini aku mau sedikit kasih review produk yag sekarang ini lagi aku pake, baru beli 2 mingguan tapi sudah langsung jatuh cinta. Aku mau review foundation sesuai untuk jenis kulit normal to dry skin. Kalau untuk oily skin type bisa juga coba L'oreal True Match liquid foundation.
Langsung aja deh aku review sedikit hehehehe...

L'oreal True Match Mineral Foundation

Sekarang-sekarang ini aku masih butuh banget produk yang ringan tapi bisa cover my acne scar :(  yang belum hilang sejak melahirkan. Huaaa sisa2 hamil masih membekas :( been browsing produk yang bagus akhirnya menjatuhkan pilihan ke mineral foundie ini, awalnya mau nyoba tarte amazonian clay atau bare mineral haha tapi harganya lumayan jadilah beli highstreet product dulu. 

Aaaaand nggak disangka2 ternyata coverage nya okeee bangettt ya ampun aku sampe terharu :p pokoknya aku suka banget deh kalo untuk dipake sehari2 juga nggak lebay dan light banget. Jadi seperti biasa packagingnya ada brush nya dan produk nya ada di bagian bawah. Aku paje shade soft ivory yang palibg terang sebenernya ini direkomendasiin sama sales nya tapi aku ngerasa cocok juga sih.
Price: 199.000
Repurchase: maybe yes, tapi mau nyoba brand lain juga sih yang tadi udah aku sebutin hehehe

L'oreal Lucent Magique Foundation

My turn to say oh my this is holy grail!!! this holy grail is every normal to dry skin must have item!!!! I love the healthy glowing finnish, i love the texture and its super bendable! Nggak cakey dan sesuai janjinya memang terbukti flawless finish. Hmmmm pokoknya Nothing but PERFECT for drugstore product. It is only cost 125000 and i bought in porcelain shade N2. I definitely gonna Repurchase it! Thumbs up:D

Mungkin diantara reader ada yang sedang looking for a new foundie yang kebetulan skin type nya sama kaya aku, produk di atas benar-benar aku rekomen banget deh :D Semoga membantu yah :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hijab Outfit: Preppy Look #2

Scarf: Simplygeeky
Outer: Forever21
Shirt: Minimal
Bag: Mango
Shoes: Marie Claire

i'm into preppy look lately :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hijab Outfit: Casual Mood

Scarf: Simplygeeky
Bag: Guess
Shoes: Marie Claire
Others are unbranded

becoming casual and package and simple day by day :)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hijab Outfit: Preppy Look

Scarf: Such!
Outer: Forever21
Top&Skirt: Simplygeeky
Bag: Mango

being a mom means groceries shopping & rocking simple outfit :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Body Weight Point of View

Hi guys, whats going on lately was driving me crazy, yea the kinda weight thingy just made me a li'l bit insecure... it used to be... but now, hmmmmm..... lnstead of talking too much, let me just show you my photographs..

42kg - 64kg - 48kg

Well, the point is not about the weight. Im trying to share my point of view about being grateful.

At the past I might be so skinny but I never satisfied with my own body. I feel like 'noooo... im so fat, look at this fluffy cheeks and so on and bla bla bla' yes I never feel enough. I never thought 'I am skinny'. But now? Sometimes I am yelling out loud like, seriously that was me? Sooo skinny, creepy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hijab Outfit: White on White


Scarf: Kaffah
Dress: Gaudi
Blazer: H&M
Clutch: dbox
Belt: Cotton On
Peep Toe Heels: Payless

You know that blazer is my current addiction. Made me feel instantly cool and modest and super confident and never ending end hehehe. Me loveeeey doveeeeey <3<3

So, here is  another selfie with make up I put on :D