Friday, May 23, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Sweet Chocolate

Scarf: Such!
Dress: Ilquina
Outerwear: Bought in bogor FO
Belt: Cotton On
Bag: Vincci
Shoes: Rubi

In my 3rd trimester I feel like I am changing.. I'm not a fan of sugary stuff, I am not even really like cakes. sweet tooth stuff or very sweeeeet drink and so on... But, it alllll changesssss hahahaha....
I nowadays is a sugar monster! It feels like I want to eat all the chocolate in the world :"""""
Yeaaa... pregnancy lead us to strange situation... huhuhu random stuff..

Well anyway, I am already in 38 weeks pregnancy, so it means I am waiting for my water breaks so it means I'm going to meet junior soon! Maybe 1 or 2 weeks :") Pray for me yaaaa

I have some random thing hihihihi.. Well everyone loves their clean face right? Sooo many people using the camera 360 to make their face looks soooo farrr away from their original face. Take a look I'm playing with that. hahaha sooo random and unimportant :p

with no filter
with beauty mode, hmmm sort of camera 360
See you :D

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hijab Outfit: Another Black and Shocking Pink Combo

Scarf : simplygeeky
Dress: Upcoming collection from simplygeeky
Outer: Tenabang
Bag: Mango
Flatshoes: Rubi

* in 37 weeks of pregnancy*


Take a look at my body, sudah nggak berbentuk since udah naik 15kg :D

Anyway, you know that I have a running clothing online shop since 2012 but, it seems going so slow. So many obstacles I faced and so on and so on. But, I'm not a loser who wants to stop running that business. I still having a big obsession ehmmm, obsessed word no good lah to use hehehe, maybe dreams yes dreams! I still want to build the clothing line with all my heart.
So, insyaAllah after give birth I want to relaunch all the thingsssss, from website to product. I wanna make this thing to be serious matter, insyaAllah hubby also wants to help me. Anddd... I ask you all whoever read this post, please please pray for me for the plan and also the delivery day hehehe..

I know you are too kind, sometimes you just drop by not even posted a comment :p

hehehe.. see you ^^

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Make Up Sharing



Today I'm going to share my make up look, if I wanna have some serious make up on my face hehehe... Sometimes, I put make up on even though there's nothing important to attend hehe.. just go to the mall for an example.. So here some make up that I use. The look that I'm going to show is still simple and natural because I just wanna go to the mall at that time, maybe will do some heavy one later if I have to go to kondangan, hehehe you know I skip every wedding invitation lately.. huhuhu just because I am big and can't go by myself.... :(

So, here you go...

Still look simple and natural or its because the light or something... (No filter and no edited). So take a look of what products that I use on my face...

hehehehe a lil bit banyak yah....

Nomer nya agak random, jadi let me conclude yah..


1. Pore Filler dari NYX (kegunaannya untuk mengisi bagian pori-pori) digunakan sebelum foundie
2.Concealer from The Body Shop (untuk menutupi blemish, dark spot, jerawat dll)
3. Foundation from PAC (covering our face, menurut aku foundation ini agak berat dan kering ketika diaplikasiin di wajah tapi beberapa jam kemudian langsung jadi oily banget huhuhuhu)


Monday, May 12, 2014

Playing Dress Up

Scarf & Denim Shirt: simplygeeky
Dress: Bought in Malaysia
Sunglasses: Bought in Malioboro
Necklace: Forever21
Bag: Charles&Keith

*in 36 weeks pregnancy*

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Outfit Inspirations: Peach Overdoze

Scarf & Inner Dress: simplygeeky
Shirt: Forever21
Bag: Charles&Keith
Flats: Vincci

*in 35 weeks pregnancy*

I'm trying to boost my pale look with color. And I'm so gonna fill my wardrobe with color yeaaaaaah im into color nowadays. Bring it ON!
this nitrogen ice cream is sooo and it so delissssssssh

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Colorful Garden

You know, when you are not in a good condition, when you are not in a good mood, when everything is just not fine, when the world seems cruel, when every little thing around you are messed up, when everyone also not that cooperative and so on and so on... Just relax, take a deep breath and spill it out.. I have another some kind of simple way like "GET UP, DRESS UP & PUT MAKE UP ON". Don't forget to add some color to your face and your outfit... it simply works on me and I bet it also works for you... Oh also find some sweetness to make it complete. You know, this instant remedy won't let you down... The world is better in a FLASH! Trust Me. Coz I did it :)

Scarf & Inner Dress: simplygeeky
Outerwear: Gaudi
Bag: Charles & Keith
Flats: Vincci

*in 35 weeks pregnancy*