Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hijab Outfit: Another Black and Shocking Pink Combo

Scarf : simplygeeky
Dress: Upcoming collection from simplygeeky
Outer: Tenabang
Bag: Mango
Flatshoes: Rubi

* in 37 weeks of pregnancy*


Take a look at my body, sudah nggak berbentuk since udah naik 15kg :D

Anyway, you know that I have a running clothing online shop since 2012 but, it seems going so slow. So many obstacles I faced and so on and so on. But, I'm not a loser who wants to stop running that business. I still having a big obsession ehmmm, obsessed word no good lah to use hehehe, maybe dreams yes dreams! I still want to build the clothing line with all my heart.
So, insyaAllah after give birth I want to relaunch all the thingsssss, from website to product. I wanna make this thing to be serious matter, insyaAllah hubby also wants to help me. Anddd... I ask you all whoever read this post, please please pray for me for the plan and also the delivery day hehehe..

I know you are too kind, sometimes you just drop by not even posted a comment :p

hehehe.. see you ^^

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