Monday, January 27, 2014

Hijab Outfit: Floral Dress

Now I can show my baby bump to the worldddd hehehehe. You know, because like no other pregnant woman, perutku nggak terlalu besar, jadi banyak sekali yang bilang kok kaya nggak hamil bla bla bla. But not now, you can see mine :"D

Scarf: simplygeeky
Blazer: Rampage
Floral Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Icon99
Bag: Guess

In 20 Weeks. Alhamdulillah :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hijab Outfit: Red Red Wine

Tweed Jacket: LunaMaya for Hardware
Scarf: Unbranded
Inner Dress: Simplygeeky
Bag: Guess
Shoes: Icon99

(In 18 weeks pregnancy)


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Three is Better Than Two


I want to tell you a lil sweet story of mine..

Since I married last september, everything has changed. I'm no longer living forever in my home sweet home, no I'm not 100% move for good but I live in 2 places right now. My house and my husband parents's house. As we planned before, this month is the right time to move into our own house. But Allah maybe haven't give us a permission because He straight away sending the very sweet gift God ever given to us. I got pregnant. Yes, I got pregnant just a month after our marriage. Oh. It's. So. Surprising. Until I don't know what should I do, because honestly it was too fast. I think I am not even ready at that time.

3 months I passed. Ehm first trimester to be exact. It was uhhhhhh so tough! Really tough! I got the sick head, sick body, morning sickness I even sick along the day. I ate 4 times and spill it out like 5 or 6 times. I also easy to feel hungry, I also easy to feel full. I am in the middle of very uncomfortable 1st trimester. It was interesting! Maybe Allah wants to show me it is not that easy to be a mother, so respect your mom Anita! hehehe I did I always did dear Allah, even if my mom speaking out loud yelling at me I always put a high level of respect to her. I swear to you Allah :)

Okay back again to my sweet story ....

Oh dear friends, maybe the condition of pregnant woman not always like this, I have some pregnant friends and they're almost don't feel the situation like I felt. oh VERY GOOD, they say like, " at the 1st trimester, I have a normal life I think I'm not pregnant at that time" Hoooooooh soooo LOVELY STORY I EVER HEARD >_< Yes I'm jealous right now!

Oh well, above all... making human being is not an easy job, it is tough you know! hehehe

Yes you can say lotsa words and mumbling like that until you found blood and spot at your panties and cry out loud as you ever met your baby ha, Anita?

hehehe yes.... I'm bleeding at 12weeks pregnancy. It's because I lack the progesterone. I don't know for sure but at least the doctor said that. Almost 3 weeks I stay at home, no heavy activity no mall no dinner no lunch at my fave resto so on so on. No not the doctor but my mom said so .____. whereas I was fine at that time.

Since that accident, I love my baby more than I found the 2 stripes testpack. I love my baby more than ever :")

Now I'm in 19 weeks pregnancy. Please whoever read my story, pray for me and my baby for always stay healthy, happy, strong until the due date.  Amin yarabbalalamin :)

So here I post some pictures of mine during this pregnancy .....

12 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks

17 weeks

17 weeks

Okay, see you next time.
 Have a wonderful day,