Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quote Of The Day

" Universe support your sadness if you feel it all day long. Come on! Make your move unless you wanna die young"
- Anita Nur Indah -

Monday, March 28, 2011


When you cannot be original, actually it's the turning point to make a change.
When someone ask you to obey and stick to the rules which is couldn't fit with you, you have to think twice of your choice.
When you cannot leave someone because you yourself but at the same time you also hurt yourself, it is actually double trouble.
When you feel so tired facing your daily boring life because of the same problem, you have to tell yourself that it's not good for you.
Kinda funny when I advising myself and wrote easily the whole statement, but I never do it for sure. I never dare to ask myself to make a change, to make a choice, to treat myself well. Me myself know very well that I can't stand with this problem any longer. I'm just quiet and waiting for a miracles, inspite my heart said the opposite.
Everyone had their own family as I am, I had my own family and of course they're love me, and why I wanna get hurt by another which is haven't any kind of relationship with me? Why anita? WHY?
I already know that life won't working very straight and life won't goes without any obstacles. I already knew that life isn't easy, on the other hand, everyone wants their life going well. 
Well anyway, who wants get hurt.... ?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Qoute Of The Day

"Sometimes, the person you can count on 100% is you yourself"
- Anita Nur Indah -

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh Saturday, Overtime but Smooch!

The very first time I did overtime or we may say 'Lembur' at saturday. I attended Gatra event, it usually called with 'Grebek Pasar'. Promotion section told me and another friends to did magazine sampling to Car Workshop, Carwash,etc. My team goes to Cipete, Fatmawati, and around. Almost 4 hours and not to forget we did lunch. OF COURSE ;p. After that, they are left me at Citos to meet another friends. Then, went to PIM for lunch and visiting Gramedia. Also Suddenly, Smooch.

(I bought the wishing card for my girls birthday, later I'll post it abouth them)

What a day. I love Saturday MUCH...

Cheers, Anita :D

It so call 'Traktiran' :D

What a perfect sunday. The last day of weekend and feeling very tired since working overtime at saturday. Kinda haven't any space to move even breath. The very important thing to do is only one, which is do nothing. Like Trinity Travelers said 'The Art of Doing Nothing'. And me of course do that thing very excited. But, unfortunately my friends are coming and ask me to treat them at The Cost Seafood Resto. First, I rejected their intention but at last I followed them and ate like crazy.
( udang bakar, ikan bakar, cumi tepung, tahu telor asin, ikan kue bakar, ikan gurame goreng, kangkung balacan, buncis singapur less than Rp 200.000 )

(new comer on my blog is vita, who sit at the front right camera)

Vita was give me a Bracelet, and with proud she said that it was a Syahrini Bracelet. LOL! But, thanks anyway it sooo cute :D Later I post it. I swear. Two days before the 'Traktiran', we also went to Mcd just for have fun and accompany me to home hehehehe. Thank you, guys :D

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quote Of The Day

"Just remember all the good things. If you cannot. Pretend like you are. Its a way to forgive someone. You have to try"
- Anita Nur Indah -

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 21 Birthday, Anita! :D

May Allah SWT always with me in every condition. May Allah SWT alsways bless my lucky 21 and also the next age. May Allah always bless me in every single breath. Please Allah, I wanna be something to my mom and family. I wanna grow mature. I wanna be a good person for You, mom, family, and everyone. I wanna grow to be a succesful person, so that I could see many people smiling face. Simply because I wanna share my everything I had even money to you all who need kinda help. I wanna make you feel very proud of me, dad. Actually too many wishes that I couldn't share here. Please dear Allah, Grant my prayer :D

At last... Happy Birthday to me. 21, Have a Blast. *BIG GRIN*

Monday, March 7, 2011

Late Welcoming March

Already seventh of march and still do the very unpredictable job. Keep on moving. Feel it. Be happy instead of sad. Enjoy it otherwise you'll be dying, Anita!