Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh Saturday, Overtime but Smooch!

The very first time I did overtime or we may say 'Lembur' at saturday. I attended Gatra event, it usually called with 'Grebek Pasar'. Promotion section told me and another friends to did magazine sampling to Car Workshop, Carwash,etc. My team goes to Cipete, Fatmawati, and around. Almost 4 hours and not to forget we did lunch. OF COURSE ;p. After that, they are left me at Citos to meet another friends. Then, went to PIM for lunch and visiting Gramedia. Also Suddenly, Smooch.

(I bought the wishing card for my girls birthday, later I'll post it abouth them)

What a day. I love Saturday MUCH...

Cheers, Anita :D

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