Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It so call 'Traktiran' :D

What a perfect sunday. The last day of weekend and feeling very tired since working overtime at saturday. Kinda haven't any space to move even breath. The very important thing to do is only one, which is do nothing. Like Trinity Travelers said 'The Art of Doing Nothing'. And me of course do that thing very excited. But, unfortunately my friends are coming and ask me to treat them at The Cost Seafood Resto. First, I rejected their intention but at last I followed them and ate like crazy.
( udang bakar, ikan bakar, cumi tepung, tahu telor asin, ikan kue bakar, ikan gurame goreng, kangkung balacan, buncis singapur less than Rp 200.000 )

(new comer on my blog is vita, who sit at the front right camera)

Vita was give me a Bracelet, and with proud she said that it was a Syahrini Bracelet. LOL! But, thanks anyway it sooo cute :D Later I post it. I swear. Two days before the 'Traktiran', we also went to Mcd just for have fun and accompany me to home hehehehe. Thank you, guys :D

Thanks for the time and me so HAPPY..............

Cheers, Anita :D

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