Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 21 Birthday, Anita! :D

May Allah SWT always with me in every condition. May Allah SWT alsways bless my lucky 21 and also the next age. May Allah always bless me in every single breath. Please Allah, I wanna be something to my mom and family. I wanna grow mature. I wanna be a good person for You, mom, family, and everyone. I wanna grow to be a succesful person, so that I could see many people smiling face. Simply because I wanna share my everything I had even money to you all who need kinda help. I wanna make you feel very proud of me, dad. Actually too many wishes that I couldn't share here. Please dear Allah, Grant my prayer :D

At last... Happy Birthday to me. 21, Have a Blast. *BIG GRIN*


  1. Happy birthday Anita Nur Indah, Hope Allah will grant your prayer :)