Monday, March 28, 2011


When you cannot be original, actually it's the turning point to make a change.
When someone ask you to obey and stick to the rules which is couldn't fit with you, you have to think twice of your choice.
When you cannot leave someone because you yourself but at the same time you also hurt yourself, it is actually double trouble.
When you feel so tired facing your daily boring life because of the same problem, you have to tell yourself that it's not good for you.
Kinda funny when I advising myself and wrote easily the whole statement, but I never do it for sure. I never dare to ask myself to make a change, to make a choice, to treat myself well. Me myself know very well that I can't stand with this problem any longer. I'm just quiet and waiting for a miracles, inspite my heart said the opposite.
Everyone had their own family as I am, I had my own family and of course they're love me, and why I wanna get hurt by another which is haven't any kind of relationship with me? Why anita? WHY?
I already know that life won't working very straight and life won't goes without any obstacles. I already knew that life isn't easy, on the other hand, everyone wants their life going well. 
Well anyway, who wants get hurt.... ?

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