Monday, June 27, 2011

Quote Of The Day

"We may be young, but not always wrong. It's just you, old people! Who don't wanna open your mind"

                                                                                - Anita Nur Indah -

HTC Sensation Media Launch

I attended HTC Sensation Media Launch, June 23 at X2 Club, Plaza Senayan. The whole event was cool. As same as HTC Sensation. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want you so damn much! Yea, honestly I really wanna buy a phone with Android base, and I think HTC is one of my reference. About the price, I am a bit worry. Hehehehe...

 (I forgot the name of all, the right side is Andrew Darwis, CEO Kaskus)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Qoute Of The Day!

"You may judge the book by its cover, but do not criticize like you already read all the pages. Be wise!"
                                                                                                     -Anita Nur Indah-

Sunday, June 19, 2011


About a two weeks ago, me and my closest friend spent the holiday in Bandung. We never had a vacation before, yea because of the very different work's schedule, different business, and so on. So, we were so happy when we could go together. We went to Bandung, first destination was Kawah Putih at Ciwidey. The place is freakin cool, very dramatic, fresh air, aaaaaaa so damn great. Unfortunately, we came to the place right on the holiday. very crowded and we couldn't breath free due to overflowing sulfur.
Second day, we just walking around PVJ, meeting friend and get shocked, then at night we went to midnight sale at Ouval Research. Surprised, because of Laluna was perform there.
Third day, was dedicated to family. We bought your so call Oleh-oleh.....

Indonesia Berkibar

28 Mei 2011

Putera Sampoerna Foundation held a big Education Exhibition called Indonesia Berkibar. The event was dedicated to all student and also everyone who cares with education in Indonesia. The profit of this event would be donated to pre prosperous children. This event also including a workshop, seminar, and performance. The workshop and seminar were contain of a photography short course, film maker, robotic show, so on. While Pee Wee Gaskins and Pandji Pragiwaksono were also perform on the stage. I attended this Event as a representative of my office. There's a cooperation between PSF and the Office where I work, It so call media partner...

 (from left to right : me, mas habib, ine)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blog's Recovery : 100%

Since I borrow an email from someone for my blog, I really don't know that all the data had been save right there. Without any consideration, I using it day by day and keep confidence that I already have a backup data. Unfortunately, the reality said the opposite thing. When someone got his email back, automatically the data was dissapear. I mean, the image and all the stuffs which is contain of JPEG format. HAHA a bit crazy when I knew that something isn't going well. Because at the first time, I don't know for sure, I thought that Blogspot had change their appearence. Until I know that it's because of a matter. HAHA but now, everything is in handled. Thanks for you who take the responsibility of this case. WooHoo! I'm superduper happy *dancing* :D