Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blog's Recovery : 100%

Since I borrow an email from someone for my blog, I really don't know that all the data had been save right there. Without any consideration, I using it day by day and keep confidence that I already have a backup data. Unfortunately, the reality said the opposite thing. When someone got his email back, automatically the data was dissapear. I mean, the image and all the stuffs which is contain of JPEG format. HAHA a bit crazy when I knew that something isn't going well. Because at the first time, I don't know for sure, I thought that Blogspot had change their appearence. Until I know that it's because of a matter. HAHA but now, everything is in handled. Thanks for you who take the responsibility of this case. WooHoo! I'm superduper happy *dancing* :D

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