Sunday, June 19, 2011


About a two weeks ago, me and my closest friend spent the holiday in Bandung. We never had a vacation before, yea because of the very different work's schedule, different business, and so on. So, we were so happy when we could go together. We went to Bandung, first destination was Kawah Putih at Ciwidey. The place is freakin cool, very dramatic, fresh air, aaaaaaa so damn great. Unfortunately, we came to the place right on the holiday. very crowded and we couldn't breath free due to overflowing sulfur.
Second day, we just walking around PVJ, meeting friend and get shocked, then at night we went to midnight sale at Ouval Research. Surprised, because of Laluna was perform there.
Third day, was dedicated to family. We bought your so call Oleh-oleh.....

Thanks guys, you three are Spectacular. Woo-Hoo!!!! 

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