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Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Skincare Journey

Howdy Assalamualaikum...

Kali ini aku mau share sekelumit *halah* skin problem aku yang ummmhhh... nggak bisa diungkapkan dengan kata-kata...

so yeah pregnancy and post-pregnancy hormones drives me like cuhreyzeeeeeyyy because it makes my whole face full of acnes, white heads, black heads, acne scars shown up in sudden, hyper pigmentations and so on. Ya saat hamil aku nggak berani pakai perawatan ini itu karena memang ada beberapa formula yang nggak bisa dipakai sembarangan saat hamil, karena akan berpengaruh pada janin, seperti salicyl acid dan whitening apalagi yang mengandung merkuri. Waduh jangan deh...

Aku pun sangat selektif saat memilih skincare dulu, ya walaupun tidak berpengaruh apa-apa sih... makanya beruntung sekali ibu-ibu yang nggak memiliki masalah pada kulit seperti aku ketika hamil..

Before pregnant I have no issue with skin problem. My skin type is actually normal. Pregnancy brought my skin to oily combo and acne prone skin, which is very bad for me because I never experiencing with this kinda problem before.

It's been 8 months after pregnancy and finally Alhamdulillah I can breath free. My skin looks better. Acnes, comedos both white heads and bleakheads disappear little by little. But the scars still stays, not that many so I don't really mind at all.

The hyper pigmentations which still I have till now is a stubborn kinda prob so I have to be more patient to face this guy arghhh.

Though I said that my face is better, at least for me :p but it is not a perfect one or porcelain-y kinda texture so please don't expect that much XD but once again I say better, aloooooot better.

Aku pun masih terus berusaha mengembalikan kulitku seperti sedia kala, seperti dulu sebelum hamil.. semoga bisa ya.. Amiiiin buibuuuu.... hehehe

There are, still, many flaws such as scars here and there, some white heads and blackheads but as you can see this photo I only wear sunblock, marcks loose powder which is my holygrail, blush on, eyebrow and eyeliner. I WEAR NO BASE MAKEUP as I usually do even if I only wear primer.

I am happy because until today, it takes 8 months to cure my face. I TRIED OH SO MANY THINGS. Like MANYYYY. Kalau uangku dikembalikan aku pasti kayaaaaaa mendadak XD

Here you can read my skincare journey... belum termasuk masker-masker kiriman Allah yang bisa bikin hidung aku bebas dari komedo hitam yang menggangu sih...

-First, mom's skincare which makes my face scarier than before. Bought from apoteker she believes works like magic to her but not for me.

-erha skincare,
The acnes on my face were gone but the comedos still there and the worst was, my face getting dryer, turns red which I dont like it at all. Erha used to be my skincare when I was in college. At that time I have no serious problem like no problem at all. I just want to look better. Weird I know :( soooo kalau menurut aku sih untuk treatment jerawat erha memang oke apalagi kalau tipe kulit oily mungkin bakalan cocok.

- Kiehl's, I have tried the clear corrective white series. What I feel about em? Gonna do the review soon hehehe

- Red Serum by skinlab, reviewing soon :)

- dokter Dewi Inong, sayang nya aku nggak cocok sama cream nya.. bikin kering di sela hidung dan jujur white head aku muncul setelah pakai cream ini :( huhu padahal ekspektasiku besar sekali sayang nggak jodoh padahal murah meriah :(

Here I post the before after photos. Oh probably this is not the heavier, because I bet you don't want to see my face when I was pregnant, the worst ever like EVER!

Semoga tulisan aku membantu atau setidaknya memberi sedikit pengetahuan untuk kamu yang sedang atau akan merencanakan kehamilan.. thanks for reading :)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Product Review: The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth (DOY)

Hello Assalamualaikum, it's been a month I didn't catch you.. I don't know it is like I really do not have time to blog right now. It is not like I am really busy or something but as a full time mom 24 hours such a very short time for me. hehehe.. Okay moving on to the review...

The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth (DOY)

what is that hell again? well that is a pre serum. I never had an experience with serum moreover pre serum. But, back at the pregnancy hormone that brought me a horrible face condition I am becoming more aware with my face... every human on earth knows that body shop has a natural ingredients and I am such a nature sucker at the moment ha ha ha. Falling in love with this babe at the first time the BA glides it on my face before she puts  bb cream on face. The face was instantly smooth and soft. Thats what I feel.

The DOY claims : youth-enhancing concentrate for smoother-looking skin. Enriched with criste-marine plant stem cells.

Now, the second bottle is about to run and I don't really have something different on my face, it's just feeling soft and smooth when I applied on especially when I want to put a base makeup like foundation or bb cream.

The texture itself is liquid almost like water, a bit sticky but after you put on your face, it absorbs very fast like one two three.. magical..

Some people said that this DOY works for them, such as works for discoloration skin and so on. But for me, I don't have something different hehehe. My skin not even brighter nor dull. Even I don't have an issue to talk he he he...

I personally won't repurchase this item, 2 bottle are more than enough to try, rite?

Price: 30ml IDR 459.000 // 50ml IDR 569.000
Repurchase: Maybe not

Hope this mini review will help you :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review: May Favorites Make Up & Skin Care

Halo Assalamualaikum...

I'm still pregnant when I'm writing this post hehehe... Actually this week, I'm officially 39weeks but still... there is no sign from junior huuhuhu. InsyaAllah soon ya, baby :")

Okay, Since I don't have any important things to do and buying some clothes just make me want to cry so I attracted with another thing which is.. Collecting make up stuff hehehehe. I loveeeeee make up so much though I'm not an expert, so I just feel happy when applying make up on my face. I just love it hehehe..

So now, I want to share my make up and skin care I bought in may, which I loveeee them very much. It's my May Favorites!.. Let's check this out, baby!

I got 6 things to review and 5 of them are lippyyyy thingyyyy hahaha. I'm a lipstick junkieee... Gimana dongggggg suka bangettt nihhhh :P hahahaha okay let's begin..


1. Tony Molly Lip Scrub (bentuk bibir)
This stuff is a lip scrub. Its very very very very goooooooddddd and soooo important for me, because I loveee to wear matte lipstick but my lips are very dry and chapped. So its a good invention for dry lips who loves to wear matte lipstick :D
Price: 169.000
Repurchase: YES!

2. Tony Molly Delight Magic Lip Tint
You can see the packaging is still sealed but, I have tried it at the store and I love it at the first time. Its so cute that you can see the color is green, but when you apply it on your lips its turn red. The texture is sticky but very pigmented. I love this so much, even though my lips will looks wet but the color is good and having a matte finished just like another lip tint, but the good thing is, the moisture looks will make your lips looks healthy :D
Price: 89.000
Repurchase: Maybe, Yes!

3. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme shade Stockholm
This lip creme is A MUST HAVE for every one. I just repurchase it because yo know yang lama udah abis. I have 6 shade colors of this lip creme, from nude to red. Its just FANTASTIC and very good invention for us hahaha..
Price: 100.000
Repurchase: OFF COURSE YES!

4. Nyx Matte Lipstick shade Angel
Just like another matte lipstick..
Price: 100.000
Repurchase: No, I want to buy Mac and YSL instead :P

5. The Body Shop Lip Tint
Just like another lip tint, but its very natural. I bought this just for fun :P to touch up my cheeks so my face looks fresh hehe
Price: 169.000
Repurchase: Maybe I want to try another lip tint, before bought this I already try the face shop product and its also quite good..

6. The Body Shop Liquid Foundation
I don't have any idea when I bought this, because I'm looking for a natural/herbal ones. I'm still pregnant rite? hehehe. I love this natural finished. I bought in 05 shade, for natural look. The coverage is light to medium which is quite good to cover my blemishes hehehe...
Price: 269.000
Repurchase: Maybe, but I want to try another foundation also hehehe


1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash
This is a facial wash. I tried the seaweed variant before this, no problem at all I just want to try the new product of TBS. They said that this product is for dry skin, and since my cheeks and forehead are very dry because of the acne so Im going to try this....
Price: 109.000

2. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
I bought this for junior actually, but I also use this for my chapped lips and something dry on my skin..
Price: 59.000

3. Avene Thermal Spring Water
They said, I mean the beauty blogger said that this water is magical.But..... when I use it I don't feel anything and my face still... I don't know but they said that its also a skin care water for acne, but..... I don't even feel anything except the fresh feeling... Hmmmmmm... maybe I expect too much for the acne reasons yah. Hmm overall, its okay lah :P
Price: 178.000

Well, segini dulu review dari saya.. 
Sekian dan terimakasih

Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: April Make Up & Beauty Product

Hi, Assalamualaikum....

Kali ini agak beda sedikit hihihi, aku mau sharing tentang make up dan skin care yang akhir-akhir ini aku pake dan baru aja beli di bulan april. Jadi aku mau sharing apa aja sih my pregnancy skin care yang aman untuk bumil hehehe..

Semenjak hamil, kulitku jadi beda banget dan berubah banget. Terutama di bagian wajah, sekarang jauh lebih sensitif, timbul spot hitam dan berjerawat :(. Fokus jerawatnya hanya di area kening dan dagu kalau dark spot muncul di pipi kanan. Aaaaa rasanya stress banget, maklum biasanya kulit wajahku mulus tanpa jerawat dan spot2 hitam, tiba-tiba sekarang muncul dengan kompak :(

Parahnya, orang hamil juga nggak boleh pake perawatan dokter gitu kan, jadi semakin pusing deh. Awalnya sih aku diemin tapi lama kelamaan rasanya ganggu banget, perih banget dan terasa berat di muka :(

Awalnya aku coba pake masker alami yang dijual di instagram, awalnya sih ngaruh tapi ama kelamaan ya jerawat ku tetep stay aja di situ :(

Lalu aku cari-cari tau produk skin care yang aman dan nggak bahaya untuk janin, dari herbal tanaman yang nggak mengandung pemutih apalagi merkuri. Nah akhirnya aku nyoba-nyoba ke body shop. Terus nanya kulit muka ku itu tipe apa. Ternyata kulit wajahku itu tipe kombinasi, berminyak di area T (jidat, hidung dan dagu) dan kering di area pipi.

Aku disaranin pake varian dari Seaweed. Fungsinya sih ya hanya untuk melembabkan kulit aja, jerawatku juga masih ada kok, at least produk ini aman aku pake sehari-hari dan nggak memperparah keadaan wajahku.  Rangkaian produk yang aku pake seperti gambar di bawah:

Review dari aku: (produk dari kiri ke kanan)

1. The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Cream
- dipakai pada malam hari
- Tekstur nya menyerupai gel cair
- kandungan air nya banyak jadi gampang banget di blend dan cepet kering 
- aku beli kemasan travel, harganya IDR 59.000
- aku akan repurchase selama masih hamil

2. The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash
- dipakai 2x sehari pagi dan malam
- bentuknya tube
- teksturnya sabun cair
- so far aku ngerasa fresh banget pake sabun ini, ringan dan bikin wajah lembap
- harga nya IDR 119.000
- aku udah 2x beli produk ini
- akan repurchase sampai setelah hamil

3. The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
- dipakai sebagai moisturizer setiap pagi
- bentuknya bulat pipih isinya lumayan banyak
- tidak ada spf karena aku emang pake nya untuk skin care, kalo spf di bedak sama bb cream nya aja
- tekstur gel cair, watery base juga jadi enak banget di pake di wajah
- harga nya IDR 179.000
- aku akan repurchase selama hamil dan setelah nanti hamil (rencana nya aku mau perawatan dokter sementara sampai jerawatku hilang) setelah itu aku lanjutin pake ini hehehe

4. Evian Face mist
- dipakai kapanpun dimanapun hehehe
- bentuknya tabung
- enak banget dan seger banget di wajah
- walaupun enak banget, ternyata ini hanya untuk make up set aja bukan untuk skin care
- botol kecil, harga IDR 70.000
- aku nggak akan repurchase karena mau nyoba face mist lain untuk sekalian skin care (untuk jerawat)

5. The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth
- karena produk ini adalah pre serum, maka dipakai sebelum serum & moisturizer dan pada malam hari sebelum night cream
- tekstur gel cair, agak lengket tapi mudah meresap
- aku baru beli sekitar semingguan, dan bikin muka jadi alus.
- harga nya agak pricey, IDR 589.000 untuk kemasan 50ml (setiap tetes nya sangat berarti)
- repurchase: yes! :D

6. Sebamed Lip Defense
- dipakai kapanpun dimanapun since aku suka banget pake lipstik matte tapi bibir aku kering jadi aku pake setiap sebelum pake lipstik.
- ringan banget di bibir dan sama sekali nggak ganggu pemakaian lipstik aku
- harganya IDR 55.000
- repurchase: belum tau, biasanya aku suka beli yang lain lagi bahan sebelum balm nya abis .___.

Nah itu aja sih skin care rutin aku selama hamil... Nggak aneh-aneh karena kalo mau aneh-aneh nanti aja abis melahirkan :p


Nah, since muka aku jadi parah banget, aku juga jadi suka banget make up untuk nutupin perintilan yang enggak banget nempel di muka aku ini :(

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cara Membuat Masker Madu Untuk Wajah

Belakangan, karena stress, pola makan yang kurang baik, pola tidur kurang benar, maka jerawat satu per satu pun mulai berdatangan. Konsultasi dokter sana-sini juga udah dilakukan. Hasilnya wajah bersih sih, tapi masih ada bekas noda-noda hitam bekas jerawat. Agak ngerepotin juga, tapi gue udah fed up dengan chemical yang belum tentu terjamin hingga gue tua nanti. Lalu gue googling dan tanya ke Ibu, dikasih tau deh Cara Membuat Masker Madu Untuk Wajah ini, katanya sih khasiat madu ini bisa menghaluskan, mengencangkan dan menghilangkan noda-noda hitam bekas jerawat. Nggak ada efek sampingnya lagi! Whoaaaa selain rasanya manis ternyata punya fungsi lain yang menguntungkan yah. hihihi keren!

Gimana cara buat masker madu ini? Lets check it out!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cara Alami Peeling Wajah Di Rumah

I'm back with Cara Alami Peeling Wajah Di Rumah. Why? Because now I'm working from home, so everything handled from home. Last month I've got my facial treatment right at skin beauty Menteng because of acne, before that my face was handled by Ka Wijaya and Erha. But, gue ngerasa bosen dengan segala macem perabotan lenong stuffs yang nggak asik banget, lengket, dan butuh tingkat ketelatenan untuk mengaplikasikannya secara rutin di wajah. Apalagi sekarang sudah memakai hijab, center of attention jadi ke wajah, jadi wajah harus terawat! Duh, bagi pemalas kaya gue cara peeling alami ini praktis banget deh, apalagi bisa diaplikasiin di rumah.

So, here we go!