Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review: May Favorites Make Up & Skin Care

Halo Assalamualaikum...

I'm still pregnant when I'm writing this post hehehe... Actually this week, I'm officially 39weeks but still... there is no sign from junior huuhuhu. InsyaAllah soon ya, baby :")

Okay, Since I don't have any important things to do and buying some clothes just make me want to cry so I attracted with another thing which is.. Collecting make up stuff hehehehe. I loveeeeee make up so much though I'm not an expert, so I just feel happy when applying make up on my face. I just love it hehehe..

So now, I want to share my make up and skin care I bought in may, which I loveeee them very much. It's my May Favorites!.. Let's check this out, baby!

I got 6 things to review and 5 of them are lippyyyy thingyyyy hahaha. I'm a lipstick junkieee... Gimana dongggggg suka bangettt nihhhh :P hahahaha okay let's begin..


1. Tony Molly Lip Scrub (bentuk bibir)
This stuff is a lip scrub. Its very very very very goooooooddddd and soooo important for me, because I loveee to wear matte lipstick but my lips are very dry and chapped. So its a good invention for dry lips who loves to wear matte lipstick :D
Price: 169.000
Repurchase: YES!

2. Tony Molly Delight Magic Lip Tint
You can see the packaging is still sealed but, I have tried it at the store and I love it at the first time. Its so cute that you can see the color is green, but when you apply it on your lips its turn red. The texture is sticky but very pigmented. I love this so much, even though my lips will looks wet but the color is good and having a matte finished just like another lip tint, but the good thing is, the moisture looks will make your lips looks healthy :D
Price: 89.000
Repurchase: Maybe, Yes!

3. Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme shade Stockholm
This lip creme is A MUST HAVE for every one. I just repurchase it because yo know yang lama udah abis. I have 6 shade colors of this lip creme, from nude to red. Its just FANTASTIC and very good invention for us hahaha..
Price: 100.000
Repurchase: OFF COURSE YES!

4. Nyx Matte Lipstick shade Angel
Just like another matte lipstick..
Price: 100.000
Repurchase: No, I want to buy Mac and YSL instead :P

5. The Body Shop Lip Tint
Just like another lip tint, but its very natural. I bought this just for fun :P to touch up my cheeks so my face looks fresh hehe
Price: 169.000
Repurchase: Maybe I want to try another lip tint, before bought this I already try the face shop product and its also quite good..

6. The Body Shop Liquid Foundation
I don't have any idea when I bought this, because I'm looking for a natural/herbal ones. I'm still pregnant rite? hehehe. I love this natural finished. I bought in 05 shade, for natural look. The coverage is light to medium which is quite good to cover my blemishes hehehe...
Price: 269.000
Repurchase: Maybe, but I want to try another foundation also hehehe


1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash
This is a facial wash. I tried the seaweed variant before this, no problem at all I just want to try the new product of TBS. They said that this product is for dry skin, and since my cheeks and forehead are very dry because of the acne so Im going to try this....
Price: 109.000

2. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
I bought this for junior actually, but I also use this for my chapped lips and something dry on my skin..
Price: 59.000

3. Avene Thermal Spring Water
They said, I mean the beauty blogger said that this water is magical.But..... when I use it I don't feel anything and my face still... I don't know but they said that its also a skin care water for acne, but..... I don't even feel anything except the fresh feeling... Hmmmmmm... maybe I expect too much for the acne reasons yah. Hmm overall, its okay lah :P
Price: 178.000

Well, segini dulu review dari saya.. 
Sekian dan terimakasih

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