Friday, May 23, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Sweet Chocolate

Scarf: Such!
Dress: Ilquina
Outerwear: Bought in bogor FO
Belt: Cotton On
Bag: Vincci
Shoes: Rubi

In my 3rd trimester I feel like I am changing.. I'm not a fan of sugary stuff, I am not even really like cakes. sweet tooth stuff or very sweeeeet drink and so on... But, it alllll changesssss hahahaha....
I nowadays is a sugar monster! It feels like I want to eat all the chocolate in the world :"""""
Yeaaa... pregnancy lead us to strange situation... huhuhu random stuff..

Well anyway, I am already in 38 weeks pregnancy, so it means I am waiting for my water breaks so it means I'm going to meet junior soon! Maybe 1 or 2 weeks :") Pray for me yaaaa

I have some random thing hihihihi.. Well everyone loves their clean face right? Sooo many people using the camera 360 to make their face looks soooo farrr away from their original face. Take a look I'm playing with that. hahaha sooo random and unimportant :p

with no filter
with beauty mode, hmmm sort of camera 360
See you :D


  1. haha camera 360. How's your pregnancy sis ? can't wait for your babies on yoyr next post :D

    1. Alhamdulillah so far so good hehehe clicheeee :p. Insyaallah yaaa wait until the baby post :D