Saturday, December 13, 2014

Product Review: The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth (DOY)

Hello Assalamualaikum, it's been a month I didn't catch you.. I don't know it is like I really do not have time to blog right now. It is not like I am really busy or something but as a full time mom 24 hours such a very short time for me. hehehe.. Okay moving on to the review...

The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth (DOY)

what is that hell again? well that is a pre serum. I never had an experience with serum moreover pre serum. But, back at the pregnancy hormone that brought me a horrible face condition I am becoming more aware with my face... every human on earth knows that body shop has a natural ingredients and I am such a nature sucker at the moment ha ha ha. Falling in love with this babe at the first time the BA glides it on my face before she puts  bb cream on face. The face was instantly smooth and soft. Thats what I feel.

The DOY claims : youth-enhancing concentrate for smoother-looking skin. Enriched with criste-marine plant stem cells.

Now, the second bottle is about to run and I don't really have something different on my face, it's just feeling soft and smooth when I applied on especially when I want to put a base makeup like foundation or bb cream.

The texture itself is liquid almost like water, a bit sticky but after you put on your face, it absorbs very fast like one two three.. magical..

Some people said that this DOY works for them, such as works for discoloration skin and so on. But for me, I don't have something different hehehe. My skin not even brighter nor dull. Even I don't have an issue to talk he he he...

I personally won't repurchase this item, 2 bottle are more than enough to try, rite?

Price: 30ml IDR 459.000 // 50ml IDR 569.000
Repurchase: Maybe not

Hope this mini review will help you :)

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