Monday, December 22, 2014

Hijab Outfit: Favorite Formal Blazer

Somehow I look nice when it comes to candid photo haha NOT

Scarf: Paris Hijab
Belt: Cotton On
Dress: Gaudi
Blazer: H&M
Bag: Bagquire
Heels: Payless

Everyone near me absolutely know that I am the one who never grow up from playing dress up. I mean, I love mix and matching what I wear. I love pairing my new clothes with the older one. I can mix it even hundred times without any worries I would look the same with the outfit I wore yesterday. hehehe. I don't wanna wear the same composition I made two days ago or going to package without any accents or something. I am that much aware with what I wear. I don't dress up for anybody but me. Sometimes hubby even careless with my appearance... When I'm bored I look at my wardrobe and thinking of some composition for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow's outfit and back fresh like I had some hair treatment at salon. Or when I feel like about to sick I just need to go to the mall and looking around, sniffing a good scent, take a deep breath like I am on the the top of fresh mountain, so now you know my fave place like I am crazy girl, I kinda have an overly attached relationship with mall...

But, when those of remedy were not helping anymore. That obviously pretty heavy situation. I think I need a holiday. Out of town, out of country! Like now, I never been this situation before. I feel like between tired like literally tired both body and soul, exhausted, I kinda less care with my relationship with my Creator and so on. So I need a literally BREAK!

That's pretty weird I know .... :(

So rather than dramatize what I feel know, let me show you my current interest to makeup stuff. I love it so much. No I didn't do it like everyday. I wore the mask once a week maybe two times in several occasions. I usually put a minimal make up for my daily life, I mean when I have to go to mall, doctor, this and that. I have no office to visit, but sometimes, in a full week I have so many schedules hehe no kidding.

Maybe some of you want to know my makeup routine either full make up or just simple and natural makeup or even just what I did on my eyebrow without plucked in it, just comment down bellow.. maybe I kinda have some feelings to make it on a video.. he he he

well, that's it for today.. Thank's for reading my dear friends..

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