Sunday, December 14, 2014

Product Review: The Body Shop Moisture White Sisho BB Cream & Moisture Foundation

Hi assalamualaikum..

I am back with another makeup review and this time I want to share my experience with The Body shop moisture white shiso bb cream and liquid moisture foundation..
Let's breakdown one by one..

1. The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB cream

The product itself claimed has an instant whitening effect. And it was true since the name is moisture white. It has 25 PA+++ and settle for all skin type, they said.
The packaging is tube so we can get the product easily...

So there you go..

I personally think that I don't like it hehe. It is too white on my face made my face dry all the day, creasing, made me look like wearing a mask and looking unhealthy. I very much don't like it (in my humble opinion) from the good side that, it was easy to blend, really has an instant whitening effects but actually i dont need it hehehe i dont need to be whiter though... I bought it past few months when I am pregnant. At that time my face was totally in a very bad condition. Bought that product because I need to cover the acnes, dark spot and so on. Because of the body shop claimed the product contains of natural ingredients so i had a try. Back when I pregnant my face was oily and this bb cream works for my skin but now my face turn to normal and sometimes dry. So this product totally a big no for me. But if you are oily and you are super fair this bb cream maybe suit you nicely...

I usually mixed it up with my moisturizer so it won't be a thick coverage and looking white anymore. Sometimes I still wearing this mask._. sayang aja kalau dibuang :p

Price: Rp 245.000
Rate: * (from 5 stars)
Repurchase: NO

2. The Body Shop Moisture Foundation

For the sake of having a safe foundation for my pregnancy I am bought this stuff...
I personally love this product. It has a 15 SPF and it is good for photoshoot or walking in a daily light, it will protect you from sunlight. This foundation formula even lighter than the bb cream I mention before. Easy to blend and not smudging or creasing. The staying power also good. The coverage is light to medium, the texture also very liquidy which I like it. But if you are about tp cover some acnes or dark spot, please do not put so much hope on this product. he he he

The only one thing I don't like is this foundie have a matte finish. I don't know either my face too dry or the foundie is matte. But as the claims, this foundie is moisturizing so it should not be matte, right?
I don't know. 

Last, if you are looking for a light foundation and love the TBS product you probably will like it....

Price: Rp 269.000
Rate: ***(from 5 stars)
Repurchase: No, I wanna try another product from other brand

I hope this review will help you.. :)


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