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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Playing With Mixnut


Since I’m in love with shoes. I wonder when I was in first semester, I thought that it was hmmmm 4 years ago. At that time, I can’t take my eyes of the coolest pair of shoes, which named by wedges! I don’t know why I really love that kind of shoes. Like love at the first time, well this is too much, anita! But its true.. I also bought some of heels but, I don’t know why I can’t fit in a long time. Fyi, I’m not that tall, under 160cm. So, I need shoes with heels which can help me stay comfy in a long time. And I got my fave. Wedges. Until now, maybe I have hmmm more than 10 pairs of wedges. I want more, more, and more. :D

Because of that, I wanna share to you all, who had a very same height, should stay in a long time with comfy heels, so I made my own line shoes. I made it and plan to sell to ya’ll. Oh, I also plan to make chunky heels! Though I love wedges so much but someday I also wanna make highheels, of course with comfortable motto!

You can see my first wedges, very simple look. Why? The more classic the more it worth. People need a timeless things, right? Shoes are not an umbrella which only use in a rainy day. You can wear it every day, so choose the lighter one. You can wear it year by year, so choose the everlasting model....
Come see my project, pals.........
If you wanna check my website and support my project, just visit here Thank You very much... ^^

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Work


Yes, that's sebagian design banner yang udah gue buat. Sebagian emang agak gimana gitu karena permintaan dari yang membayar hehehehe. And anyone of you yang mau buat boleh, I'm freelancer, btw. Please contact me at Thank you :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

HTC Sensation Media Launch

I attended HTC Sensation Media Launch, June 23 at X2 Club, Plaza Senayan. The whole event was cool. As same as HTC Sensation. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want you so damn much! Yea, honestly I really wanna buy a phone with Android base, and I think HTC is one of my reference. About the price, I am a bit worry. Hehehehe...

 (I forgot the name of all, the right side is Andrew Darwis, CEO Kaskus)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Indonesia Berkibar

28 Mei 2011

Putera Sampoerna Foundation held a big Education Exhibition called Indonesia Berkibar. The event was dedicated to all student and also everyone who cares with education in Indonesia. The profit of this event would be donated to pre prosperous children. This event also including a workshop, seminar, and performance. The workshop and seminar were contain of a photography short course, film maker, robotic show, so on. While Pee Wee Gaskins and Pandji Pragiwaksono were also perform on the stage. I attended this Event as a representative of my office. There's a cooperation between PSF and the Office where I work, It so call media partner...

 (from left to right : me, mas habib, ine)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Launching New Honda Jazz

I attended a grand launching of New Honda Jazz at Ritz Carlton Ballroom Hotel, Whoaaaa I love the 3D slide show which is very cool and real. The car was awesome, with a brand new color, brighter and brave. I love 'em, especially the lime and pearl blue. Oh yea for your information, Andhika Pratama was so cool as the host oh also Kamidiaradisti as his partner...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bogor's Culinary

I went to Bogor last friday, but I forget to capture all the things. Like usually, I have to meet a clients there. With the fabulous team ever. I went to Mega Swara, the local TV. I went to Ngohiang, the pork resto. Of course I didn't ate pork, I just accompany my friends. Well, they're allows to eat pork. No matter what, they are still my friends. Being different is not a case, it is good :) .Oh then after that I ate combro, lumpia basah, toge goreng, also bought roti unyil for my family. Whoaaaa I love food. Hahahahaha I think it is not so important, Don't you think so? :P
 (Toge Goreng)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mazda 5th Anniversary

Gathering. Again. Mazda 5th Anniversary at Four Season Hotel. The celebration was fabulous. The host was again Novita Angie. ( I don't know why she's so 'Laris' lol). At the first celebration was just like another, speech, testimonial, slide show, and so on. I wonder if the celebration was boring, but suddenly Ute came and singing. Then the fantastic one is The Children of Elfa's Singer Choir. Whoaaaaaa! Cool Stuffs :D

Ford Media Gathering

I attended Ford Media Gathering at Decanter, Plaza Kuningan. The first thought on my mind when I received an invitation was about the place. Because I know that Decanter - Wine House is belong to Pak Bondan Winarno. Then, I  have been very curious since a long time ago. I didn't get the aim of this gathering, I don't know why....... pardon me, folks :P

Friday, April 22, 2011

Launching Mandiri Mobile

You guys, Mandiri card holder might be feeling happy because Mandiri launched the mobile version for the transaction on Wednesday April 20 2011 at seven level, FX. Beside SMS and internet banking, now on we could access by another way. Of course by Blackberry. We just download the application by text by  SMS Banking before to get a password. Then run the personal account right there. Not only Blackberry. Later, Mandiri will launch a new version for Android and Apple base. Technology Rawks. 

Sometimes, we need a lil' transaction but we don't have a time to go to the ATM, right? And now we don't need to go to there for that business. HA! Whatta Good news.......

 (Tamara Geraldine as a Host)

(The crowd)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Launching School Development Outreach by Poetra Sampoerna Foundation

School Development Outreach (SDO) is one kind from another Poetra Sampoerna Foundation's Social Businesses. This program is like an implementer of Corporate Service Responsibility. So the company who wants to distribute their money to the charity or even CSR program, They're could use SDO services. SDO make an improper school into a proper one, even an international curriculum, held a teacher learning and of course SDO involve a lots of great people. And For God sake, PSF could touch a nowhere place like in the middle of Borneo's Jungle. Ha!!!! Whata great work! And we guys should give a full support  to keep this great work going on.

Don't you feel a lil' ache on your stomach? Do you feel like your heart is being tickled? This social thingy is a like a remembral for us! Me? Suddenly I realized that I've got the very perfect life. Thanks Allah. I thank You for the life you gave with the fullest gratitude. And due to this social thing, I swear, I won't give up, dear you who needs a help..........

(Eddy Henry-Education Programs Director PSF, Nenny Soemawinata-Managing Director PSF, Maria Widyani-KaSubdit PTK SMA Kemendiknas)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alkaline Robotic Championship 2011

 As a marketing representative I should come to one media gathering into another, to get a press release then held a communication between the principal (client) or even through the advertising agency. Last friday, I came to ABC Alkaline Robotic Championship 2011 at Mall Of Indonesia (MOI). They're held kinda robotic championship for student. And Present will be 60 millions rupiah. The more interesting thing is one of the audience was made a robot from the slippers. But, unfortunately, I missed the robotic show. *sigh*

 (Robot in the middle was created by a student, Rocks!)

(Inside of goodie bag :D)

Launching New Swarovski

I attended Swarovski launching from Optik Tunggal at Immigrant, Plaza Indonesia. The very weird thing is I am surprised cause there's a lots of public figure came here. Like Asti ananta, Jenifer arnelita, Jane Shalimar, Novita Angie, Susan Bachtiar, Wanda Hamidah, and so on which is I can't mention the name one by one. Because I'll looks moron than an ugly duck LOL. The girls was super stylish and tall and beautiful and slim and bla bla bla. No need to worry guys, because the center of interest was not straight to the girls only. The surprising guess is... Taa-Daa! ..........Marcel..

(Totally Hawt Hawt Hawt, Awesome!)

Gelar Karya PKBL BUMN 2011

Since I've been working in Marketing Division at Mass Media. Not rarely I came to one into another event, media gathering, and etc. First, I don't want to post it. But, I think it was quite good to share an experience to you all. Heehe, I hope that it is kinda good experience and not the opposite.

This one is about "Gelar Karya PKBL BUMN 2011" at JCC, one of the speaker is Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyo, owner of Mustika Ratu, the  Indonesian legendary cosmetic. The event was about "National UKM Bazaar". Mrs. Mooryati talked about her experience and stuffs. Kinda great to me, I am learning for freeeeee. :DDD

 ( From left to right : Hexa, Fany, Mrs. Mooryati, Me, My Boss Mbak Kiki)

Sorry for the inconvenience, cause the picture is not that good (just so you know it was taken by blackberry)