Saturday, April 16, 2011

Launching New Swarovski

I attended Swarovski launching from Optik Tunggal at Immigrant, Plaza Indonesia. The very weird thing is I am surprised cause there's a lots of public figure came here. Like Asti ananta, Jenifer arnelita, Jane Shalimar, Novita Angie, Susan Bachtiar, Wanda Hamidah, and so on which is I can't mention the name one by one. Because I'll looks moron than an ugly duck LOL. The girls was super stylish and tall and beautiful and slim and bla bla bla. No need to worry guys, because the center of interest was not straight to the girls only. The surprising guess is... Taa-Daa! ..........Marcel..

(Totally Hawt Hawt Hawt, Awesome!)

( The only one man is my marketing director )

Again, bad bad blackberry.... *sigh*

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