Thursday, April 21, 2011

Launching School Development Outreach by Poetra Sampoerna Foundation

School Development Outreach (SDO) is one kind from another Poetra Sampoerna Foundation's Social Businesses. This program is like an implementer of Corporate Service Responsibility. So the company who wants to distribute their money to the charity or even CSR program, They're could use SDO services. SDO make an improper school into a proper one, even an international curriculum, held a teacher learning and of course SDO involve a lots of great people. And For God sake, PSF could touch a nowhere place like in the middle of Borneo's Jungle. Ha!!!! Whata great work! And we guys should give a full support  to keep this great work going on.

Don't you feel a lil' ache on your stomach? Do you feel like your heart is being tickled? This social thingy is a like a remembral for us! Me? Suddenly I realized that I've got the very perfect life. Thanks Allah. I thank You for the life you gave with the fullest gratitude. And due to this social thing, I swear, I won't give up, dear you who needs a help..........

(Eddy Henry-Education Programs Director PSF, Nenny Soemawinata-Managing Director PSF, Maria Widyani-KaSubdit PTK SMA Kemendiknas)


  1. hi, are you part of the team?(I mean Sampoerna)

  2. Hello Erdhy... No, I'm just the one of PSF's client. Kinda partner in work...