Friday, April 22, 2011

Launching Mandiri Mobile

You guys, Mandiri card holder might be feeling happy because Mandiri launched the mobile version for the transaction on Wednesday April 20 2011 at seven level, FX. Beside SMS and internet banking, now on we could access by another way. Of course by Blackberry. We just download the application by text by  SMS Banking before to get a password. Then run the personal account right there. Not only Blackberry. Later, Mandiri will launch a new version for Android and Apple base. Technology Rawks. 

Sometimes, we need a lil' transaction but we don't have a time to go to the ATM, right? And now we don't need to go to there for that business. HA! Whatta Good news.......

 (Tamara Geraldine as a Host)

(The crowd)

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