Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gelar Karya PKBL BUMN 2011

Since I've been working in Marketing Division at Mass Media. Not rarely I came to one into another event, media gathering, and etc. First, I don't want to post it. But, I think it was quite good to share an experience to you all. Heehe, I hope that it is kinda good experience and not the opposite.

This one is about "Gelar Karya PKBL BUMN 2011" at JCC, one of the speaker is Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyo, owner of Mustika Ratu, the  Indonesian legendary cosmetic. The event was about "National UKM Bazaar". Mrs. Mooryati talked about her experience and stuffs. Kinda great to me, I am learning for freeeeee. :DDD

 ( From left to right : Hexa, Fany, Mrs. Mooryati, Me, My Boss Mbak Kiki)

Sorry for the inconvenience, cause the picture is not that good (just so you know it was taken by blackberry)

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