Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Electric Blue

Goodbye march! Already 5th of April. Time's running so fast like in a rush meanwhile I'm walking so slow. Don't know what to do. Freezing heart. Can't feel the empty space right there, because every space is already full. The funny thing is, I don't know what actually I think about. Kinda bloody stupid you anita. Whats the differentiate between you and Moron?  Haaaaa! My bad habit, talking to myself. Just ignore it, buddy!

But finally weekend. Feeling very tired since spent the weekdays did lot of tasks. Feel so bored ate the very same menu day by day. I really wanna eat steak for real or any kind of raw veggie. I love raw veggie by the way. I ate like monster when my mom added the raw leave like daun pepaya, daun selada, poh-pohan, and stuffs. My friends said that I'm just like a Goat. What's babe? A GOAT! Hihihihi *smirk* 

(The cute bracelet was from Vita, Thanks dear :D)

Talking about food, you can visit this culinary site GilaJalan You can find any kind of resto or even break food.

Have a nice day, Anita :D

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