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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Combo Happiness

with maksum

with anggi. look at her haircut hahahaha
Combo dating with maksum and anggi <3<3

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hijab Style : Stripe Brown & Black

Simplygeeky chiffon scarf, Gaudi maxi skirt, others are unbranded

I'm forever into simple outfit and of course, ......meals :"D

Monday, July 2, 2012

Meet Up

Take a look, guys! :p I did make up for both of my friends :p. How's the result? See the differences?. Beautifullll isn't it? btw, ini make up-in nya di Pronto x_x diliatin gitu deh hihihi :P


Sudah lamaaa banget nggak ketemu. wondering sudah sebulan lebih :p hehehe. Kita berencana pergi dari pagi. Late breakfast dan early lunch di Pronto. Kita di sana dari jam 11.30 sampe jam 16.30 x__x nggak mau rugi since kita semua emang doyan banget makan x__x. After that kopitiam, killiney. Soya cincau nya enak bangettttt. sukaaaaaaa <3! Terus dateng kakak uci deh, sayang kita nggak foto. terus lanjut karokean di Nav pim yang lokasi nya menggantikan vibe temoat karoke favorit. akhirnya kita selesai jam 12 malem. Sampe rumah jam 1 x__x jangan ditiruuuu ini nggak baik huhuhuhu untung sebelumnya udah dapet izin dan nggak dimarahin deh, tapi nggak mau ngulangin lagi, hehehe nggak sering kok kaya gini jangan paham salah heheehehehe :p
Oiyah setelah di-make up temen-temenku pada cantik-cantik yaaaah hihihi sebelumnya juga sudah cantik kok hehehehe :P
Pokoknya fun fun fun fun banget deh, hihihihi. Kok jadi nggak penting :P :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Simple Happiness

shillin & dairy queen : green tea blizzard
Woo-hoo! Level happiness : Maximum \:D/
Find your own happiness, guys!

Btw, my bf running his online shop from now on! Its tees. A motivation t-shirt. So, for you who wanna spread the positivity to the world. Feel free to visit his web-store, simply click MotivasiSkin
Follow : @MotivasiSkin

Bellow is the example. One of a kind, ha? :D

Then, I give you 3 mantra to feel extraordinary.
Spread the positive spirit, be happy and stay humble
xoxo :D

Friday, April 20, 2012


Me : Ndut, plan aku simplygeeky mau buka bazaar..
Him : Setelah web-store jadi dan penjualan tinggi aja!
Me : Mungkin nggak ya aku buka outlet? Misalnya di Margocity atau Cibubur Junction?
Him : Kita lihat respon setelah web-store jadi, kalo memungkingkan kenapa nggak?
Me : Capital? Nooooo. I haven't enough money.
Him : Kalo nggak punya cukup modal. Then, just start open it on Pondok Indah Mall!
Me : Whattt?!!! Can I?
Him : Absolutely you can :D
Me & Him : AMIN O:)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Insta Insta Instagram


I'm soooo happy playing with instagram. Kinda shortcut for an amateur like me to have a good quality of photography. Hehehehe. Come come, lets follow each other right on instagram. Find me anitanurindah :D

Sunday, February 5, 2012

When Panda Meet Panda

Kenapa judulnya 'when panda meet panda?' Karena gue udah mirip banget kan sama panda? boleh diuji coba, dilihat, diperhatikan dengan seksama. Kemiripan terjadi di perut, pipi dan bentuk tubuh yang bulat seperti *ah saya tidak sanggup melanjutkannya* sudahlah memang sudah kalau panda saja bisa lucu lantas mengapa gue enggak bisa. Ini sebenernya gue ngomong apa? Hehehe ngelantur, intinya cuma mau bilang, Gue kaya panda. Bukan, bukan sok lucuk! Maksudnya mirip dalam arti sebenernya. Iya gue tau, sudah sudah nggak usah tertawa puas dalam hati deh, gue yang sebut sendiri. Agak tidak terlalu kurus yah. Well, kata yang paling tepat adalah. Gue tidak terlalu kurus hihihihi. Okay, btw, Lets make fun! \m/

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bieber Purple Fever

Actually, I wanna make a post about Bieber 2 weeks ago. Because of something , I can't make it true huhuhu. I don't have any plan to watch Bieber, because I'm not a teenager anymore :p. I wore a purple t-shirt at that time. And the worst was I went to Pondok Indah Mall, the place of teenagers on the saturday  night,  and I don't know for sure whether my thoughts are connected or not, but PIM was very quiet, and I think the teenagers was going crazy like hell at Sentul enjoying Bieber concert. HAHAHA I wore purple. Like I join Bieber concert. Like I suffered from Bieber fever. LOL

(Foto telah dihapus karena belum berhijab)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Electric Blue

Goodbye march! Already 5th of April. Time's running so fast like in a rush meanwhile I'm walking so slow. Don't know what to do. Freezing heart. Can't feel the empty space right there, because every space is already full. The funny thing is, I don't know what actually I think about. Kinda bloody stupid you anita. Whats the differentiate between you and Moron?  Haaaaa! My bad habit, talking to myself. Just ignore it, buddy!

But finally weekend. Feeling very tired since spent the weekdays did lot of tasks. Feel so bored ate the very same menu day by day. I really wanna eat steak for real or any kind of raw veggie. I love raw veggie by the way. I ate like monster when my mom added the raw leave like daun pepaya, daun selada, poh-pohan, and stuffs. My friends said that I'm just like a Goat. What's babe? A GOAT! Hihihihi *smirk* 

(The cute bracelet was from Vita, Thanks dear :D)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh Saturday, Overtime but Smooch!

The very first time I did overtime or we may say 'Lembur' at saturday. I attended Gatra event, it usually called with 'Grebek Pasar'. Promotion section told me and another friends to did magazine sampling to Car Workshop, Carwash,etc. My team goes to Cipete, Fatmawati, and around. Almost 4 hours and not to forget we did lunch. OF COURSE ;p. After that, they are left me at Citos to meet another friends. Then, went to PIM for lunch and visiting Gramedia. Also Suddenly, Smooch.

(I bought the wishing card for my girls birthday, later I'll post it abouth them)

What a day. I love Saturday MUCH...

Cheers, Anita :D

Saturday, January 22, 2011

50.000 Something!

No matter how poor you are. No matter how 'kere' you are. Having fun is a basic human right. You deserve to had it! As a proven, Me and my friend still had a lots of fun within only spend Rp 50.000 something. You have to noted to your self, We're not starving and get bored. We are Happy :D
Enjoy the picture of food which is only spent around 50.000 for all. 
There you go!!!
(mie ayam Rp 6.000)

( Batagor Rp 6.000 )
( Enjoying street food :D )