Saturday, January 22, 2011

50.000 Something!

No matter how poor you are. No matter how 'kere' you are. Having fun is a basic human right. You deserve to had it! As a proven, Me and my friend still had a lots of fun within only spend Rp 50.000 something. You have to noted to your self, We're not starving and get bored. We are Happy :D
Enjoy the picture of food which is only spent around 50.000 for all. 
There you go!!!
(mie ayam Rp 6.000)

( Batagor Rp 6.000 )
( Enjoying street food :D )
( @ Roti Bakar Edi )

( Nasi goreng Rp 9.000 )

( Internetju Rp 14.000 )

So, why worry? Happy is not about money, it is all about being together with friends, family, or whoever you love. Have a nice weekend, guys!
Cheers, Anita

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