Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello old friends, finally met up :D

I don't know when I started watching Korean drama. I'm an amateur one if compare with another friends. Sometimes I call myself 'korea karbitan' due to my habit and weird behave spelling or greeting someone with korean language, which is I don't know for sure :D.

(Sorry for support a piracy with bought a fake one :'(. I swear someday if I already have a lots of money, I won't buy it anymore :D)

Last Thursday, my old friend teweng (not her real name) text me. She invited me to glodok. Just so you know, beside my old friend she's also my neighbor. She's already work. But we never ever met up until yesterday.

We had got a deal, that we would go there only by ourselves. But, she asked another friend to come with. Fira. A college student.

Yes, we are touch glodok after all. I'm not that brave to catch the photograph. Ah regretful :(.

A lil' bit information : even you are already wearing a very normal, tidy and polite clothes, you have to be aware! I'm telling this because I always got a disrespectful treatment. Sometimes, people in glodok are brutal, they're go wild. They are even touch you. For an example : someone touch my shoulder for seduce me. Hah! Kinda bad attitude!
I got what I wanted, 23 disc of korean tv serial. And my friends also got what they're wanted too :)

( from left to right : teweng, me, fira )

After that, We decided to eat Ramen at Grand Indonesia, but MY BAD. I choose the wrong resto, I thought that Yoshinoya is Ramen resto, but actually it wasn't hehehehe.

Finally met up with my old friends, actually minus one, vita!

"Friends, different opinion, different life, different habit, different likes, so on. But we're still stick each other".
Thanks for the time and sorry for misunderstanding.

Have a wonderful day, Anita :D

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