Friday, February 11, 2011

Triple FUN :D

After long time not see 'nenek' (not her real name) at last we met up :D
She’s a college student, Telkom Bandung. She's stay there and back to Jakarta for spend some holiday. When she was in Jakarta, I invite her to meet up with another friends.

Here the story goes :D

As usual, me, uchi, and nenek, went somewhere with transjakarta. Now, our destination is Gramedia Matraman and then nowhere. There, Nenek searched a several book for herself also for her sister and brother. She's so kind :D. Me and uchi bought something cute, a korean folktale. I also bought a serious book one.
( I bought Korean Folktale and Think Big Act Small)
And just so you know, Uci is in love now. Actually she’s waiting for her love there. But for some reason he didn’t come. Hehehe. Don’t take it too sad and serious, after the day we’re met up. She does meet the prince charming also at Gramedia. Oh, Gramedia please tell the world that my friend is in love with initial B. LOL
After that, we decided to eat big bite at 711. And MYBAD I did buy a wrong wurst! I don’t really likes black pepper but I’m officially bought it. Stupid :(

Not too bad, we had real FUN. Yes we are three had FUN.

Busway, I love you
Cheers, Anita :D

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