Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work Dork Work. Means what?

Yesterday was my first day, I did my job. And now, here again I'm sitting behind my desk, do nothing ( no tasks yet ) and think about my future. This kinda-process-of-life is only one step to achieve another Allah great plan.  I believe like everyone believe in their God. Yea, I believe in Allah. Since I decided to takes this chance, I thank you God more and more. I know this is a learning process that given to me. This is the great part, I owe myself a reward, because I thought that I am growing up ( excuse lol ). I did this job because of Allah, me myself, my future, my mother, my family, and you, my future husband. :D

Job, place, people are great here. Wish me tons of luck, guys. I'm begging you a pray. Bismillah ya Allah.....

Have a wonderful day, Anita :D

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