Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Playing With Mixnut


Since I’m in love with shoes. I wonder when I was in first semester, I thought that it was hmmmm 4 years ago. At that time, I can’t take my eyes of the coolest pair of shoes, which named by wedges! I don’t know why I really love that kind of shoes. Like love at the first time, well this is too much, anita! But its true.. I also bought some of heels but, I don’t know why I can’t fit in a long time. Fyi, I’m not that tall, under 160cm. So, I need shoes with heels which can help me stay comfy in a long time. And I got my fave. Wedges. Until now, maybe I have hmmm more than 10 pairs of wedges. I want more, more, and more. :D

Because of that, I wanna share to you all, who had a very same height, should stay in a long time with comfy heels, so I made my own line shoes. I made it and plan to sell to ya’ll. Oh, I also plan to make chunky heels! Though I love wedges so much but someday I also wanna make highheels, of course with comfortable motto!

You can see my first wedges, very simple look. Why? The more classic the more it worth. People need a timeless things, right? Shoes are not an umbrella which only use in a rainy day. You can wear it every day, so choose the lighter one. You can wear it year by year, so choose the everlasting model....
Come see my project, pals.........
If you wanna check my website and support my project, just visit here Thank You very much... ^^

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