Sunday, October 5, 2014

Body Weight Point of View

Hi guys, whats going on lately was driving me crazy, yea the kinda weight thingy just made me a li'l bit insecure... it used to be... but now, hmmmmm..... lnstead of talking too much, let me just show you my photographs..

42kg - 64kg - 48kg

Well, the point is not about the weight. Im trying to share my point of view about being grateful.

At the past I might be so skinny but I never satisfied with my own body. I feel like 'noooo... im so fat, look at this fluffy cheeks and so on and bla bla bla' yes I never feel enough. I never thought 'I am skinny'. But now? Sometimes I am yelling out loud like, seriously that was me? Sooo skinny, creepy!

Then after hit the 64kilos I surprisingly do not feel that miserable though I don't know either my body will back to my normal weight or not. That was really confusing me because yea deep down inside I dont need to be skinny, what I need at that time is acceptance, compliment and seriously I am that weird huhu.

Yea maybe sometimes I mumble about weight, about being fat and so on and if I told ya so, that was a lie! im joking. I am so comfortable with my now appearance. Doesn't mean I want to gain some weight, noooo! Hehehe

Buttttt.. these all not come straightly smooth to my head, I used to wear the 1.3 million 'korset' called belly bandit but It fits me very fast like only a month then after that like what else? how to shrink this belly and stuff?
Yes pregnancy body was not the worst, the post partus was. It really is stressing me out at the moment, because many people said that I am so fat and ugly and so.

But now? I do filtering all the comments I received. Because sometimes ignorance is a bliss hehehe

Now, I may be not in a perfect shape or something but I am sooooo happy with my now body, Im not trying to losing weight like do diet or whatever makes me skinny. Well, the detox thingy is a different thing. No junk but healthy food (well I'm also not a healthier one but trying hard to) :)


Being happy and fulfilled with your own skin, curve and everything is a state of mind. So if you wanna be happy, just change the way you think and boom.... No one ever as happy as you are.

Like me, I never feel as skinny as now even I am 6kilos heavier than my previous body. Meanwhile at the past, I think I am fat at the number 42. Crazy right? Hehehe this so call state of mind is true :)

Last but not least, embrace your curve, pretty girl! Dont look at those mannequins or barbie doll, they're plastic! They're not real! They are not EAT like us. They're not as lucky as we are...

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