Friday, July 13, 2012

Fashion Stylist vol.2

Last tuesday, my friend Aulia asked me to mix and matching her wardrobe. Styling her outfits and hijab. Very simple style for daily outfits. There you go! Come on dear, steal her style :D

Style 1
 Pink Batwing Top by Simplygeeky
 Blue Ocean Scarf, Pink Batwing Top, Electric Blue Blair Pants by Simplygeeky
Style 3
 Aunts garden scarf, Plain Maxi Skirt in Orang by Simplygeeky
 Electric Blue Batwing Top, Plain Maxi Skirt in Orange by Simplygeeky

Me & Aulia
Yay. Done! :"D

Ps : She wants me to post her photos on my blog hihihii lol

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  1. haaahahahahahaa akhirnyaaa foto gw go public jugaa!
    p.s. gw lebih tinggi ya. hahahahahaa!