Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hijab Style : Casual Blues

You know, I'm into casual look lately. So happy and walk lightly but at the same time can't stop blaming myself for break the promise and being inconsistency! Pray for me, for us to obey and keep syar'i. Kinda hard thing, sooooo much hard. InsyaAllah.

Oh btw, I'm wearing chiffon shirt and polka scarf from Simplygeeky. Of course I'm wearing inner for the translucent top. Its pastel color, simply nice for whoever, I think hee.

I have some tips for you who wanna boost a simple hijab outfit. There you go :

1.Styling your head-scarf (stay simple, for an example : me only need 1 pin)
2. Wedges (preferably for daily outfit, skip the heels you don't wanna hurt your feet, right?)
3. Accessory  (for an ex : rme with my necklace & ring, simply eye catching)
4. Natural make up (blush your cheeks, make it soft, curl your lashes oh don't forget the loose powder and lipstick)

Have a nice try! Selamat mencoba! CHEERS \^.^/

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