Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hijab Outfit: Brown. Tan. Whatever

Scarf, shirt, inner dress by Simplygeeky
Just mix and matching my stuff with my new necklace! Long time ago, I hate goldie! Anything accessories I wore always in silver colour because at that time I think gold was 'norak', but now? I always in love with gold jewelery. They're cool, shiny and a bit ethnic. Also they are always perfectly match with my brown or black or peach outfits.. My kinda favorite ones hihihihi :3


  1. itu jerawat ya, nit ? gede banget *dibogem nita* :p

    1. betulllllll hihihihihi, udah pecah terus aku kasih masker jerawat hahahaha :P:P