Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I belong to ME. Strange!

Been busy lately. Nothing to do but I just wanna share my pain. Have you ever feel like a piece of paper? drifting to the wind. Blows into nowhere. No destination. Even to stand on your own feet, you cannot. Very dramatic. And, have you ever been at the situation, when you cannot trust someone, even when someone offering you a bunch of hope, offering you a shoulder, you just cannot. Absurd. I've been learning for several month about doing something that isn't your passion. Sitting around a strange environment. See a crime, a betrayal, an unhealthy place for real, but you can do nothing. The only one thing you can do is silent, ya you can't do anything.

I don't know why people think differently? Any idea? But why I always think very different with another. I may be come from another planet so I have a different DNA.

I feel like ah Well, this is the problem, when you can't express what actually you can do, when you can't do the thing which is right, and you feel like you are trapped in the middle of different people. You have to move on, right? You have to let it go, let go of the thing that could destroy yourself. No need to worry, anita! Money can't buy you happiness. As your family told you, ya because you're belong to yourself, not any other people. Not even one person, except ALLAH. So, no need to be afraid. Just let it go! Follow your heart, follow your passion, you can do something even bigger than just do the same thing from monday to friday. YEAH! You decide it, so take it as a responsibility!

From now on, I already decide, Let's just start with Bismillah....

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