Sunday, September 25, 2011

Retire and Hijab

September, 12 ‘11

What happened on that day? The very special one for me,  a turning point, a big decision, a hard life choices, so on. That day, I decide to covering my head with hijab. Such a miracle or what should I call it beside miracle? Maybe Hidayah or anything could be. Actually whats really matters in my soul until I change all over my appearance? I myself don’t know the answer. Or maybe...

Almost 7 months I work in one of famous news media, be a part of marketing division. There, I learn many things. From my own tasks until life lessons. Until I surrender  and decide to quit. Not an easy choice. But I have no option. I cannot tolerant myself to accept all the good even bad things there. Its time for me to move on and try another way to achieve the goal which I really want to. I convincing myself and I finally QUIT J

People told me that I was fail in career because I can’t be strong. I don’t wanna prove anything, I don’t wanna be a hero or whatever. I just follow my intuition. I wanna start something new to challenge myself.

Last 2 months, I read about Hijab, Islam, and every lil thing in it. I feel like I’m a sinner, I’m not a good person, I’m a bad one, I’m nothing compare with another muslimah. Sometimes I cannot breath, tears down my face like this time, cannot sleep well. I think about a death. I don’t wanna die in a bad condition. I’m afraid of die young with naked condition. What a big question mark in my head. Then why I’m not wearing it right now?

My mantra : “Just do Allah SWT rule, Allah SWT will help anything, stay beside Allah, together solve the problem and find the solution”.

And Alhamdulillah after struggling with my own brain, Finally I’m wearing it on that day. Many story behind this decision. Later I will tell a story.... InshaAllah..

Support me guys, It’s all that I need. Keep Istiqomah. Thank you so much :D

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