Monday, April 23, 2012

Friends. They are, lovely...

Aulia, college's friend :D
Yay! Loooong time no see. Since our graduation, I bet it was almost a year ago, finally we're done make it. . For now she lives in Manado and go to Depok for vacation. She intend to buy simplygeeky stuffs. And done!
 Begitulah aktivitas gue. Kadang ketemu temen ini dan itu, anterin barang sekalian ketemuan. Untuk temen its okay. Sebelumnya juga kan harus kirim barang dan after that ambil barang. Duh so hectic but sooo fun :D

The next day...
yoan and me
 Again, we're met up untuk transaksi baju hehehe :D

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