Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life Point Of View

In life, what should we be? Be great? Be huge? Be super? Be perfect? Even, sometimes should be fake? Just to prove and show the world you’re same with common people. You are at least be the one of world standart rules? And, so you cannot be defeated?  Had a super massive power? Impress people with your strength? Laugh at people weakness? Should reach more than people achievements? Fulfill every world demands? Everything almost about money. Are you really wanna be controlled by money? I know that money could change the world if it puts in the right way. I know. But, its not the only aim we live the life. Isn’t it right? :) So, What's your definition of life? What should we actually be?

Me also don’t know the answer. But, sometimes we have to fulfill those requirements so we looked as a normal human who had a proper life. Happy  and always put a lil tiny smile on our faces. Then, people never ever dare to judge and ‘kick our butt’. So, we have to be something which the world wants? We have to be someone which the world wants? So, We live in world rules instead of we rule the world? Be the servant of the world. If the terms and conditions are too hard like those sentence mentioned by me, then I’d rather die.

Why? If we have to be someone which isn't truly ours, too harsh ruled by people even world, always think that prestige and dignity come first, and so on. Then, what's the real meaning of life? In your opinion, what's God purposes when creating human and world? To make us do the arrogant thingy? To press other? To showing off? To prove something?. Sometimes we just forget the truly aim of life. Sometimes we think we should be huge first then after that precious life come. Sometimes, we simply misinterpret something.

For me, those requirements are just a self motivation to make an improvements. Not be an arrogant one but be humble. Not just have an ambition but forget the faith and everything. Sometimes, we just forget and ignore. Not every of us could be the one they wanna be, right? Not everyone wants controlled by sparkling world thingy, right? Not everyone could walk in others shoes, right? Not everyone could control the world by their power, right?

But it doesn’t mean people who live that way are useless, nothing, and don’t deserves the world. We have to change our mind. In life, its not all about power, evidence, money, perfection, show off, and so on. For me, in life, just be us and be useful to human being. Help each other and together achieve what people call proper life. Remember, our life is really worth. That depends on our intention, be great or be useful. Or be both of them? Why not?

Let us control the world and let world be the witness of our movements. Dare you? :)

Ps : sorry for bad grammar *peace*