Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hijab Style : Plain And Go!

Assalamualaikum fellow Muslimah,

Introducing Simplygeeky new collection, Plain & Go!
Why we choose "Plain & Go!" ? Simply because the top and outerwear we produced are really plain. With simple cutting also, oh we choose asymmetric and drapery. Cause we think, that's the never ending cutting style hehe. How about the skirt? To make it different and boost the extra performance, we modify the plain top & outerwear with pattern skirt. They are floral and tribal pattern, lovely :")
And once again, why it called "Plain & Go!" ? Its spontaneous. hehe its just happened that way :P

As a review, you can see several item here. For complete collections, you can go here or here :)

Giant Boxi Top

Jade Asymmetric Top

Happy Shopping :"D

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