Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hijab Style: Ethnic Pattern Pants

Paris Scarf, Simplycity Cardi, Debenhams Heels, Mayonette Bag, Unbranded Pants

For me, its like Surprise Surprise! WOW I can't believe I wore that pattern pants. Feels like I wanna go home and change it with the normal one at that time :P. Brave Brave Anita! At that time I accompany my bf to one kinda presentation for his work. I'm helping him by the way :D

Anyway, Howdy? I'm good now. Day by day even better. I mean my whole life. Both body and soul.
Just for your information. So far, I did my 2013 resolution. Please don't expecting like I'm going to mentions some heavy things hehehe,come on we can start something positive even just from a small thing, like I brush my teeth 4 times a day, doing exercise, eat a good & healthy food but sometimes I'm choosing the opposites hehe not that problem, still pushing myself to do 'sholat sunnah' routinely, manage my anger and start to smile and laugh :D And many more....

You have to try on, guys. Start from a simple and small thing but if we did it routinely we will feel even happier. A small goal is easy to be achieved than a big one. Doesn't mean I do not have a big one but habit should start from a simplest thing and when we're ready, the big one comes beyond our expectation. Amin, guys? :D