Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Thought

There's something right here. In my mind. Stuck. Huks
Do you know what, temans? When you had even very best friend, it would not that easy to collect their mind into the visible one. To build a system from your own mind may be possible, for you! But not the same with others. You have to think twice even hundred even more to decide something very crucial in your life. Better you grow and stand on your own feet. Its not about selfishness, you may not call this with my arrogant statement, and so on. But to come up your own dream, you may not involve your best friend to understand every little things you want. You exactly wrong if you get them into the problem you create! As you absolutely know that your friendship is more than anything.  Do not sacrificing your best with your idealistic, dream, so on. Then, yeah! You have to stand alone, bring them to help you whenever trapped in the middle of obstacle. And appreciate their kindness with the rest of your life. With best friend forever statement. WOOF ya'll *hugs*

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