Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I see, people are too busy taking care of someone's physical appearance, so on. Until forget about the positive thought and spirit she/he might have. I saw a victims of bullying. She was being intimidated because of her face. Hmmm something like ugly, weird or whatever. I just even cannot understand, if the face be the number one judgement beside another criteria to be deserved, to be received by common people

I just wanna ask, could we make some request to God when creating our face? .....
We already know that we cannot force God to make a face that we wanted. We just cannot and impossible to do, right?.

But if the regulations so. Then we have to be pretty first, ha? So people will agree with, no matter how bad our influence, no matter how cruel our attitude. Its unfair, fellas... But wait.. What's pretty by the way? Being loved by many, skinny, tall, have a fair skin, black long hair, driving a car and wearing branded item? if those things were the criteria of pretty, I myself give up and be the most ugly person in the world :)

In my opinion, we can't even define someone by the faces, by physical appearance, etc. But hey, feel the ideas, the thoughts, the positivity, for what they are stand for, the things they do and so on. That's way more fair. For me, for us, for human being...

Ps : Did you know? Our face is original made by God. That was the best thing God did for us. So, never hesitate to grateful and praise God more, more and more.


  1. but sometimes physical appearance is important. it's the first thing that people notice, right? ;)

    1. that's so right dear. But don't make it as an overall assessment of all the abilities that people have. Don't go blind just because of physical appearance. Just thought. :D