Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Must Wear Item : Belt

I wear belt in almost every day. For daily until formal outfit. Dunno why but I think it really fit on me. And too bad, most of them noooo I mean almost all are brown. 2 of 10 are black, and the rest are brown. Not the same color. Some are dark, some camel, and soft. From braided belt, square, wide, until round shape. I bought some of them at Magnolia, and some F21. So the conclusions is, My signature style : hijab, brown, belt, what else? I haven't found it yet :p. Hmmm... I think I'm going to buy a small black braided one at the next friday. AHA! At that day me and bf and friends are intend to watch The premiere of The Avengers at sency. We're already got the tickets in 3D. YAY! \=D/

Ps : I'm in love with Zee Avi. Her voice, music and lyric are lovely.. <3<3