Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hijab Outfit: Recent Favorite Colour

I'm into black like forever I know, but I love another ones recently... Wanna know my recent fave colour? hahaha not that important, yes :P

Deep Green! In Bahasa usually kita bilangnya Hijau Botol, bener nggak?

Scarf & Inner Dress : Simplygeeky
Cropped Jacket : Colorbox
Bag : Guess
Shoes : H&M


Deep Red / Maroon / Burgundy / Anything similar :P

Scarf  : Simplygeeky
Shirt worn as outerwear : Forever21
Skirt : Artemis Chiffon Skirt in Black by Simplygeeky
Belt : Cotton On
Bag : Guess
Shoes :Payless

Now you know the not so important info from me hehehe :P
Until next post. Ciaoooooooooo ^^

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