Thursday, October 17, 2013

Holla I'm Back!

Assalamualaikum dear friends wherever you areeee.......

Finally back to blog since hmmmm let me guess its already more than a month huaaaaa...

Let me tell you what happened, why the blog is freeze... Its because I'm married last september.

Alhamdulillah, such a memorable moments. Gonna tell you some secrets. Hmmmm actually I really am cannot enjoy the wedding procession both akad and reception :( my bad. I stressed at that time oh also suffered from heavy headache stomachache so on so on, I almost lost my conciousness after the end of the procession. Its not because I dont love my spouse something or something. Its because the story behind and 1 thing I cannot forget was my dad. I remember him all the time at that day. Since his position was being replaced by my bro, Im not feeling good, dad face was haunting me at that time. Very dramatic, Very stressful, also the heavy thing up on my head made me feeling uncomfortable. Well okay, its all done. And the positive side still, Im married already. Alhamdulillah Im marrried to someone I love. Someday I will tell you the story of our love relationship. Not now because its a long longggggg story. Pray for me and hubby semoga menjadi keluarga yang sakinnah mawaddah warrahmah. Long last sampe ke surganya Allah. Amin Allahuma Amin :")



  1. huaa congratss yah darling pantes ga keliatan ngeblog hihhihih congrats semoga menjadi keluarga yang sakinah mawardah warohmah dan secepatnya diberikan keturunan aamiin :")

    1. terimakasiih Nuri hehhehehe Amin Allahuma Amin. Amin yarabbalalamin... iya nih dari kemarin agak sibuk sama keluarga kecil hehehehe baru mulai ngeblog lagi deh ^^