Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hijab Outfit: Brown and Gold

Scarf : Unbranded
Maxi Cardi : MyRein
Inner Dress : Simplygeeky
 Belt : Cotton On
Purse : Moms
Heels : (Unfortunately unseen :( ) Payless

Ps: Actually, necklace & belt nya itu warna gold loh, entah kenapa kok difoto kaya warna putih dan hitam gitu sih? wondering why >___<

Marriage will brought a positive side about family. I'm not a family person since mmmm you know my dad was passed away long long time ago. Mom always having her own business out there with her friendssss and so brother. Long Long time I already be an independent person, do everything almost all by myself. I grew up not like any other teenager. When I'm in trouble, fight with mom or something I went out, escaped, wherever as long as Im far away from home. I'm (still) sometimes regretting my life, why God? why me? why I cannot having a complete family like everyone has. And so on, and so on. That's lil Anita's thought which sometimes still haunting me...
Until I got married. I feel it differently . Every negative things split into positive ones in my sight. Life will never be complete without them. I love 'em with no reasons... I love my family to the moon and back :")
Love your family selama mereka masih ada di dekat kalian, jangan sia-siakan waktu yang ada. Habiskan waktu bersama, berbakti, berbuat baik kepada mereka sebelum batas waktu yang telah Allah berikan habis dan yang tersisa hanya penyesalan....


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