Friday, February 21, 2014

Back into Tied Shirt

 Wearing Simplygeeky from head to toe
Top: Luna Shirt in red maroon
Bottom: Artemis Chiffon Skirt in Black
Bag: VNC
Shoes: Icon99

Closer look to my tied shirt and statement necklace XD

In 23 weeks Pregnancy <3


I gain some weight during this pregnancy, you gain weight, we gain weight every pregnant woman gain weight to the uncertain number but comes to a BIG BIG ones. Not only body but absolutely tummy. In this 23 weeks of pregnant I gain 8 kgs from my pre-wed weight or 6kgs since the very first time I know I'm pregnant. My weight is about 50kg now. Fyi, my height is only 154cm. SOooooo it means I'm semampai semeter tak sampai a.k.a pendek and ya know lah what happen in every short girl when fatty comes to their skinny body. Yes, we will turns into a ball and when you touch us absolutely we can gelinding ke segala arah. hahahah

I never ever imagine that I'm fat now.__. because in my life I never hit 50kg. I ever hit 48kg once but my comfort body weight is 42kg.

Well, one thing I have to admit that I am pregnant now. Pregnant woman whole over the world gaining weight. And alhamdulillah I still in a proper number. Even I still in S size though my pre-wed size is XS. Not a big deal heheh.

Another mumble from me is I feel like eungap all the time. When I want to lay down my body or when I used to wake up but sometimes fall down again >.< hahah I feel like Garfield.___.

But that's okay, I'm so fine with the conditions. Because I know, soon I will rewarded a precious thing...

Stay strong my lil baby. We will meet soon. Mom loves you :")


  1. Semakin cantik ya kalau sedang hamil, barakallah. Semoga lancar sampai hari kelahiran. Salam kenal :D

    1. Terimakasih yaaa. Amin doanyaa. Salam kenal juga :D