Saturday, March 8, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Bubble Gum


Decided to wear another scarf hehehe :p
Scarf: Simplygeeky 
Outerwear: Gaudi
Stripe Dress: Colorbox
Belt: Colorbox
Bag: VNC
Flatshoes: Icon99

*in 25 weeks of pregnancy*
 Love to put make up on my face lately. I don't know why :D

I feel like bubblegum alive hahah :p you know since my body and tummy so big right now hehehe.
In this 25 weeks of pregnancy oh so many drama I got. Start from I cannot easily fall asleep, I also lack of sleep. I suddenly woke up in the mid of night just because I felt like somebody wants to kill me right on the neck .__. or lost of my breath or BACK PAIN or heartburn or uncomfortable position I had or weird dream and so on and so on. Too much grumbling yah? heheh
I still happy kok :)

Oh forgot to mention that I love to eat snacks right now. Not even just love but LOVE. huhuhuhu maybe thats the reason why I swallow like a bubblegum>.<

I love to eat chocolate and candy and  biscuit and ice cream and stuff. My goodness I am so out of control nevertheless I still hope I can getting back my pre-wedding body. :( pray for me ya? huhuhu.. Amin Amin Amin....

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