Sunday, March 9, 2014

24 Years Old and Everything

So today is my birthday. But this year is different. Im married already, im going to have a baby insyaallah 3 months from now. I will be a mother, a mom, IBU which I still can't believe it's all happen to me this fast. Ready or not I have to face it soon. This year really that matter to me because several days before todays I don't feel the same like the other years, I don't feel the sparks inside my tummy. Maybe its all means that i'm grew up, I don't have to feel like anita in the past or something...

Okay thats the personal life thingy,  I also think of my work that I'm pretty sure I want to continue my postpone job due to my marriage and pregnancy life. I want continue what I have started and I feel the butterfly in my stomach so it means I'm on the right path coz I feel it feep down inside. All I have to do is concern and istiqomah.

Amin.. may Allah always bless me, my baby,  my family... Amin

<3 <3

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